Teacher’s Day Celebrations at Bhavans Smart Indian School

Teacher’s Day Celebrations at Bhavans Smart Indian School

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‘The parents are first teachers and teachers are second parents.’

To show gratitude towards the teachers’ efforts and guidance as mentors, the students of Smart Indian School feel that Teacher’s Day is the best opportunity to express their love towards them. 

The diligent students of the school who organizeda surprise celebration for teachers exhibited their passion and zeal for event management skill and executed the same through a fantastic how. As we continue to sail on the current pandemic situation, the bewildering gala was done virtually through Zoom platform leaving all teacher attendees mesmerized. This propitious day was graced by the academic co-ordinators, HODs and teachers.

The occasion started off by giving a surprise and wondrous celebration to the teachers as the invitation portrayed as if the students were to host a webinar alone on this occasion of Teachers’ Day 2021. It was though coupled with it to some extent, the cultural show stole the hearts of all teachers. The skit enacted, depicting the tough time teachers face in online classes and still continuing to support throughout the testing times, helping students to cope with classes and tests was truly a feast to the eyes and ears, as the student participants performed it using digital tactics to the maximum. The stunning dance performances and melodious songs had entertained all of them.

Then engaging and interesting games were played as they were solely managed by the student council whose massive preparation to glue the interest of the teachers, was much evident. The academic co-ordinator Mrs. Thushara Sanjeev thanked everyone for their presence and for the students’ efforts to keep the teachers day on their big day.

In the virtual classrooms too, children wished their teachers and expressed their love and affection through cards and videos. The day was thus well celebrated and students didn’t leave any stone unturned to make it special. The Principal Mr. Mahesh Iyer, Vice Principal Ms. Albin Daisy and KG Supervisor Ms. RajniMenon expressed their wishes for the day and appreciated and thanked the supreme council for their spontaneous act of love through the  leadership of their cultural secretary Zainab from g11 Aries. Let noble thoughts come to us from every side.


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