INDIAN EDUCATION SCHOOL NEWS - Bhavanites Join Hands to Break Free from Plastic Pollution

Bhavanites Join Hands to Break Free from Plastic Pollution 

9Jleeb, October 2, 2021: As an initiative to sensitize the students of Bhavans Indian Education School to environmental conservation through sustainable development, the Eco Club of the school, organised a webinar on the topic, “Plastic Pollution and Ecobricks” for the students of grades 6 to 9. The session was virtually held on September 30,2021, at 1 p.m. The active members of the RISE Foundation (a Delhi based NGO), Mr. Madhukar Varshney and Mr. Munish Kundra were the guest speakers of the session. The foundation works towards building a green, clean, peaceful, and self-sustainable world with the vision of illuminating all homes and minds with green energy.  

The session began with a prayer song, invoking the blessings of the Almighty. Fida Ancy of 9B welcomed the gathering. Mr. Madhukar Varshney the guest speaker, a corporate turned social entrepreneur and the Joint Secretary of RISE Foundation, held an immensely informative session on plastic waste, ocean pollution and the impact of plastic pollution on the environment and animals. He also gave an insight into the waste scenario in Kuwait and gave several tips for reducing it. Mr. Munish Kundra, a member of the Rise Foundation, took the session on ecobricks, and explained the step-by-step method of making ecobricks to the students. He also urged Bhavanites to make ecobricks using the waste plastic materials found in their houses to build eco-friendly structures.  

In the question and answer session that ensued, the students enthusiastically clarified the doubts that lingered in their mind regarding plastic pollution and demonstrated their interests in creating ecobrick projects. Mr. T Premkumar, Principal, IES, in his closing thoughts, appreciated the guest speakers for their contributions towards conserving the environment. He instructed the eco-warriors of the school, to work in collaboration and make at least one ecobrick structure for their school. He also sensitized the students to the need of protecting animals from the hazards of plastics and how they could be accountable for the disposal of plastics generated by them. Certificates of appreciation were awarded to the guest speakers by the Principal, and he wished them the best for their future endeavours. The session came to an end with a vote of thanks proposed by Roy Mathew Antony of 9B. 

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