Indian Central School Welcomes Back Little Kindergarteners

Indian Central School Welcomes Back Little Kindergarteners

thumbnail 20211005 072212 1Tuesday, 5 October was indeed a red-letter day for the new Kindergarteners of Indian Central School, Kuwait. Parents and Teachers shared the joy of seeing their bubbly excitement of first day at School. The School laid out a grand welcome and in walked little men and women with their tiny masks on, following Covid protocol to a T, happily consenting to their temperature being checked and little hands sanitized.

The little ones were led to their classes by the highly professional Teaching Staff.  The vigilant and helpful Support Staff, trained Nursing Staff all remained active. The children were taken through the safety measures followed at Indian Central School following the Ministry guidelines.

The Management of Indian Central School expressed their deep appreciation for all the unprecedented challenges students have endured the past 18 months. Many students walked down the School corridors for the first time in their tender years. The Management is firmly resolved to support the young citizens for a safer, healthier tomorrow.

Indian Central School continues to affirm its commitment towards social, emotional, academic support to nudge youngsters to a brighter tomorrow.

Please call 55357199 to enroll your child at Indian Central School. We are open for admissions for Academic Year 2021-22.

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