Inauguration of Space Club 2021-Mission to the Moon

Inauguration of Space Club 2021-Mission to the Moon

DAS Space Club 11The Space Club concept is a new initiative for all DAS Schools, comprising of Indian Central School, Aspire Indian International School (A Delhi World Public School), Aspire Bilingual School and Pakistan English School and supported by DAS Academy.

This Space Club program provides an opportunity for our students to learn about space science in association with Vivify Stem Education USA.

The learning platform provides an experience for the students of grades between 5 to 8, to explore the world of space, spacecraft technology and deep dive into the scientific truth behind it.

Various fundamental theories based on the STEM curriculum, blended with weekly projects nourishes the curious young minds to set wings to their dreams in Space Science.

The three-month course was inaugurated on 25th September by Community Engagement Executive of DAS Schools Ms. Stephanie Mathew, Principal of Aspire Indian International School Mrs. Anju Dheman and Vice Principals of Indian Central School Mrs. Choppala Shyamala and Mr. Antony Noel.

Space Club brings excitement, enjoyment, and a lot of learning to students with interest in space science. If you are looking for a way for students of all abilities to be creative and learn about science and engineering, this program is for you!

To register your child into the Space Club 2021 - Mission to the Moon program, click on

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