“A Teeny Tiny- Step to save Mamma Earth- Lets Begin others will follow”

“A Teeny Tiny- Step to save Mamma Earth- Lets Begin others will follow” says the kindergarteners of Bhavans Smart Indian School and Bhavans Jack and Jill. 

Image 1 3‘The setting sun asked, who shall do the rest? The little lamp replied, I shall do my best.’ Well, this was the attitude of the kindergartners of Smart Indian School and Jack and Jill Preschool when celebrating Paper Bag Day on October 14, 2021.  On being educated upon the drawbacks of using plastic bags by showing videos of pollution and also its harmful effects on animal life, the tiny tots took a pledge to do their bit for the environment. Shout outs like ‘Avoid plastics and adopt paper bags to keep my earth pollutant free’, were to be heard echoing in the corridors of the kindergarten wing.  

 Teachers taught the little ones to make easy and beautiful coloured paper bags and children exhibited their enthusiasm and participated in it with full zeal and vigour. Through this activity the students learnt to nurture the environment through their tiny but powerful gesture.  

Mr. Mahesh Iyer, Principal, appreciated the efforts of students and highlighted the importance of plastic control by using paper bags to make this world a better place to live in. 

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