Grade10 11zonThe proud prodigies at Indian Education School, Kuwait, have yet again proved their academic brilliance by  reaping  the golden harvest of 100% for the thirteenth  year in succession in the CBSE Grade 10 Board Examination 2022. A total of 195 students appeared for the Grade 10 exam from Indian Education School and they all could majestically pull off the first hurdle of their academic odyssey with astounding success.

Bhavanites bagged success in the most impressive fashion by procuring the centum in English, Mathematics, Science, and Information Technology. The subject-wise school average is as follows: English (90.39), Hindi (83.74), French (81.73), Sanskrit (88.31), Mathematics (79.33), Basic Math (68.29), Science (84.3), Social Science (86.77), and Information Technology (87.04).

Adding gleam and glory to the success of IES Bhavans, the Bhavanites scored a total number of 18 centums in various subjects in the CBSE grade 10 examination. The number of  95 marks and above in various subjects is an imposing figure of 271. Similarly, the number of marks scored between 90-94 is a whopping 278 and the total number of marks scored between 80-89 is a splendid figure of 292 much to the pride and delight of the teachers and students.

The school has attained an average of 83.32 % with 23 students securing an aggregate of 95% and above; 50 students securing between 90% and 94%; 63 students scoring between 80% and 89%, 37 students securing between 70% and 79%; 17 students scoring between 60% and 69%, and 5 students securing 59% and below in aggregate.

Hannah Rael Zachariah won the ‘crème de la crème’ -the ‘School Topper’ title by scoring an aggregate of 99 % (495 marks) in the CBSE Grade X Board Examination. Samhita Kolluri stole the show by securing the second rank in the school with an astounding 98.2% aggregate (491 marks). Zara Imtiyaz Mahadiwala and Ashutosh Srinath Bhat bagged the third rank with each getting 98% aggregate (490 marks). The inbox of the portal communication of IES has submerged with appraisals from the exuberant stakeholders and well-wishers of the school.

The subject toppers of the school are as follows:

English 100%- David John Idiculla

Math 100%- Hannah Rael Zachariah, Zara Imtiyaz Mahadiwala, Adarsh Harish, Joshua Denis Mudakara, and Atifsha Syed

Science 100% Hannah Rael Zachariah, Samhita Kolluri, Gauri Krishnan, Jasmin Jacob, Mahathi C Anantha Padmanabhan, Adarsh Harish, Joshua Denis Mudakara, and Wafiyah Nasrullah Khan

Social Science 100%

Ashutosh Srinath Bhat, Jasmin Jacob, Joshua Denis Mudakara, Wafiyah Nasrullah Khan, and  Laksha Anilbhai Sangtani

Information Technology - 100/100

Poornima Mahesh Kumar Ramachandran Nair, Bhavya Sudevan, Sushruth Surendran, and Atifsha Syed

French - 99/100

Hannah Rael Zachariah, David John Idiculla, Abhipsa Panda, Prrajan Saravanan, and Aswathi Ajith Kumar

Sanskrit - 99/100 Samhita Kolluri, Gauri Krishnan

Basic Mathematics - 99/100

Mohammed Izaan Khan

Hindi - 97/100

Zara Imtiyaz Mahadiwala, Mahathi C Anantha Padmanabhan, Soha Parvez Sheliya, and Livia Maria Saji

Mr. N.K Ramachandran Menon, Chairman, Bhavans Middle East, CA Sooraj Ramachandran, Vice Chairman, Bhavans Middle East and CA Divya Rajesh Ramachandran, Director, Bhavans Middle East, eulogized the indomitable perseverance, resoluteness, and abiding efforts of the students and exalted the untiring efforts of the teachers and the constant support of the parent community at IES. The Principal,  Mr. T Premkumar, the Vice- Principals,  Ms. Meenakshi Nayyar and Mr. Binoy Mathew and the Headmistress, Ms Muneera Mammikutty, acclaimed the high achievers, their parents and their proud pedagogues for their absolute dedication, staunch determination, and pure commitment.

This momentous feat by the 10th graders of IES has added a golden feather to the crowning glory of the Bhavans family in Kuwait. The saga of success at Bhavans continues  to march ahead with firm steps, validating its core values and the mission of imparting quality education in the sands of Kuwait.