Books have the power to transport us to new worlds and different times. 

Picture1 2At Bhavans Middle East learning is a celebration. Children are constantly exposed to a variety of enriching experiences both in the field of academics and co-curricular activities. Special days are commemorated with great enthusiasm and festive fervour.  

To provide a propitious environment where the young talents would think out of the box and have a great learning experience, My Favorite Book Day Celebration was held in the Indian Education School, Bhavans Kuwait on September 25, 2022. The tiny tots of KG 1 exhibited their favorite book (read out to them by their parents), spoke about the characters and the values they learned from the stories. The students of KG 2 gave a gist of their favorite story. The kindergarteners also made bookmarks and picture cards. It was a pleasure to listen to the impromptu stories they weaved using puppets.  

The students of the Primary section showcased their love for books through reading, making book reviews, puppet show and dramatic narrations. They made illustrations of their favourite book and the characters they love. The best works are displayed in the Tagore Library.   

Thus, the young storytellers of IES celebrated ‘My Favorite Book Day and their love of reading in the most creative style!

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