Bhavans SIS conducts 'FIFAMANIA' football competition

‘FIFAMANIA' - Bhavans Smart Indian School conducts football competition amid the hype of the FIFA World Cup 

IMG 7257To welcome and share the excitement of the FIFA World Cup football tournament in Qatar, Bhavans Smart Indian School in Kuwait organized football matches and related programs under the name 'FIFA Mania'. 

The futsal and sevens football matches organized for the senior students turned out to be exciting celebrations. 

Principal Mahesh Iyer inaugurated the competition. Vice Principal Albin Daisy, Academic Coordinators Thushara Sanjeev and Santhosh Chungath, teachers Antony Rupesh and Victor Pushparaj were also present. 

Grade 12 Aries were the winners in the senior students’ competition. Grade 10 won the girls' sevens football competition. 

Students and teachers also organized 'penalty shoot-out' competitions. 

School Sports Department teachers Selva, Kausalya and Vimal Kumar led the competition. The winners were duly recognized with trophies. 

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