Bhavans Smart Indian School celebrated International Women's Day

Bhavans Smart Indian School celebrated International Women's Day

DSC 0012International Women's Day was duly celebrated at Smart Indian School.  Principal Mahesh Iyer delivered the Women's Day message.  He reminded that we have a great culture where we respect and acknowledge the success story of women also with the ethos of #EmbraceEquity. 

The program started with a panel discussion presented by Smart Indian - IG Curriculum students.  The discussion was organized on the theme of 'Women who have influenced the World Order'. 

Vice Principals Ms. Albin Daisy (CBSE), Ms. Bhavitha Bright (IGCSE), KG Supervisor Ms. Rajni Menon, Administration Manager Ms. Amira Bendari, Academic Coordinator Ms. Thushara Sanjeev were the Chief Guests. All the female teachers at the school were honoured in the function. 

International Women's Day was organized in a heart-warming manner with cake cutting followed by various artistic performances. 

Mr. Balaji Anantharaj, Mr.Santhosh Chungath,  Mr. Antony Rupesh and Mr. Mahesh Somasekharan conducted the ceremony along with all the male teachers of the school. 

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