IES Holds Its Resplendent Investiture Ceremony 2023

IES Holds Its Resplendent Investiture Ceremony 2023

“Leadership is not about holding a title but making a difference in the lives of others.”

453A0738The Investiture Ceremony for the academic session 2023-24 was ceremoniously held with great pomp and dignity at Indian Education School, Bhavans Kuwait on May 17, 2023. The Investiture Ceremony is one of the momentous occasions when the school entrusts hope, faith, and the mantle of responsibility to the newly appointed school parliament. This ceremony signifies the reliance and confidence that the school consigns in the newly elected office bearers. 

Her Excellency Neerawattie Dukhi, the First Secretary - Chargé d'Affairs ad interim, Head of the Diplomatic Mission of the Embassy of the Co-operative Republic of Guyana in the State of Kuwait, a reputed diplomat, renowned strategist, and a strong leader with a growth-focused and entrepreneurial mindset, was the chief guest of the day. The School Sponsor, Mr. Ali Judian Al Bughaili, Principal of Indian Education School, Kuwait, Mr. T. Premkumar, Principal of Smart Indian School Kuwait, Mr. Mahesh Iyer, Vice Principal of Smart Indian School, Ms. Albin Daisy, Vice Principals of IES, Ms. Meenakshi Nayyar and Mr. Binoy Mathew, the Headmistress, Ms. Muneera Mammikutty, and the Administrative Manager of Bhavans Kuwait, Ms. Ameera Bandary, were among the other dignitaries present. They were joined by the Heads of the Departments, teachers, and students of Grade 12.

The Chief Guest, H.E. Neerawattie Dukhi, accompanied by the School Sponsor, the Senior Leadership Team of IES Kuwait, and other dignitaries, was welcomed with a guard of honour by the BSS (Bhavans Service Scheme) Cadets with a powerful display of disciplined precision. This was followed by the marching in of the newly elected student parliament members in rhythmic strides to a thunderous applause. 

The solemn ceremony began with the singing of the Kuwait National Anthem, followed by the recitation of a few verses from the Holy Quran, by Abdul Hadi of grade 9D, and the rendition of the prayer song by the school choir.

The newly elected Student Parliament and House Captains took their positions at the fore of the assembly after the rendition of the Bhavans Anthem. Preceding the conferral ceremony, a short video of the glorious snippets of yesteryears was screened, highlighting the longstanding excellence of IES, Kuwait. Evana Sara Brijesh, former Junior House Captain of Satya House, delivered the welcome address, extending a cordial welcome to the Chief Guest and the august gathering.

The highlight of the auspicious occasion was the conferring of sashes and badges of honour by the Chief Guest, H.E. Neerawattie Dukhi, School Sponsor, Mr. Ali Judian Al Bughaili, and Principal of IES, Kuwait, Mr. T. Premkumar to the newly elected Student Parliament and House Captains. 

The following elected members were conferred with their respective  positions: Senior Vice President, Fida Ancy of 11B, Vice President, Thrishanth Arunan of 11A, Prime Minister (Boy), Jalaluddeen Akbar of 9A, Prime Minister (Girl), Daya Vinil of 9G, Deputy Prime Minister (Boy), Sreekar Patibandla of 4B, Deputy Prime Minister (Girl), Aliza Sheikh of 4A, Minister of Cultural Affairs (Boy), Aeron Baburaj Mathew of 11E, Minister of Cultural Affairs (Girl),  Ardra Ajesh of 11C, Minister of Sports (Boy), Abhiram Sasidharan of 11A, Minister of Sports (Girl), Tia Rachel George of 11A, Minister of Education, Nakshatra Binu of 11C, Minister of Information, Daniella Becca of 11A, Minister of State for Sports, Liza Mary Nelson of 9C, Minister of State for Cultural Affairs, Avanthika Suraj of 9G, House Captain – Sanskriti house, Saanvitha Reddy of 11A, House Captain – Seva house, Joanne Elizabeth Reny of 11C, House Captain – Tapas house, Ashna Rose Shaji of 11C, and House Captain – Satya house, Ronith Aaron Sunil of 11 B.

Insignias of honour were presented to all the other newly elected office bearers by the Vice Principals, Headmistress, and Heads of the Departments of IES Kuwait.  As a token of respect and appreciation, Her Excellency Neerawattie Dukhi was presented with a beautiful painting by the School Sponsor, Mr. Ali Judian Al Bughaili.

The solemn Oath of Allegiance was administered to the newly inducted members of the student parliament by the Principal of IES, Kuwait, Mr. T. Premkumar.  Following the oath, Zara Imtiyaz Mahadiwala, the former Vice President of the student parliament congratulated the new office bearers and officially handed over the charge to the Student Parliament of 2023-24. Ms. Fida Ancy, the Senior Vice President of the new student parliament, delivered her formal acceptance speech, expressing her deep gratitude for being conferred the privilege of leading the student body of such a prestigious institute.

A garland of motivational words was delivered by the esteemed guest, H.E. Neerawattie Dukhi. In her keynote address, she congratulated the newly elected office bearers and stressed upon the importance of perseverance in leadership. She advised the young leaders to be role models, discharge their responsibilities sincerely, inculcate the values of punctuality, dedication, discipline, and determination. As the brand ambassadors of interconnected global citizens of tomorrow, they should embrace and celebrate differences. Her Excellency expressed confidence in the positive impact they would make, not just within their school and community, but also in their country and the world at large. She extended her best wishes for all their future endeavors and concluded her speech with the quote, “Leadership is not about holding a title but making a difference in the lives of others.”

Mr. N.K. Ramachandran Menon, Chairman Bhavans Middle East sent his blessings and good wishes to the young leaders.

In appreciation of the tremendous efforts undertaken to ensure the resounding success of the day, Roy Mathew from 11C extended his heartfelt gratitude through a well-delivered vote of thanks. The Indian National Anthem marked a graceful end to an eventful ceremony. The emcees, Manna Mariam Shibu and Karen Ann Bobby of grade 9C, gracefully concluded the grand occasion by inviting the dignitaries and office bearers to gather for a group photograph, capturing the collective memories of the momentous event.

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