20230511 195544 11zonAn enchanting Inner Wheel program titled "Ma Amore" which means “Mother, my love” was organized, and dedicated to the esteemed moms of India International School. This special session, a brainchild of our beloved director, Malayil Moosa Koya, was integrated into the system to honour and celebrate the role of mothers. The session was organized under the auspices of the Convenor, Mrs. Reeja Santhosh, and joint convenors Mrs. Dhanya Anish and Mrs. Hafeeza Shahid.

The event was graced by the presence of the Principal, K. V. Indulekha, Headmistress, Sridevi Neelakannan, Coordinators, Prema Balasubramanian and Najiah Kader, esteemed moms, and teachers.

The programme commenced with the recitation of the holy Quran by Mrs. Sameera and its translation by Mrs. Ashna. Following this, Mrs. Reeja Santhosh, the convenor, delivered a warm welcome address, expressing gratitude and appreciation to all the esteemed moms for their gracious presence. She highlighted the role of mothers and briefed about the Inner Wheel. Furthermore, she announced future plans for the Inner Wheel sessions to organize more engaging programmes that is envisaged to bring all the moms of IISM under the canopy of the club.

As the program unfolded, the atmosphere reached its crescendo when the moms, accompanied by their daughters, took the stage to showcase their remarkable talent and grace through a captivating dance performance. The synchronized movements and the deep bond between mothers and daughters created an intense connection that enthralled the entire audience, leaving an indelible impression. Notable pairs such as Mrs. Shali and Jovana, Mrs. Dhanya and Aardra, and Mrs. Vidhu and Lavinta showcased their extraordinary coordination and love through their mesmerizing performance.


Stepping up to oversee the games segment, Mrs. Zeba Fathima, mother of Badarunissa and Rahmatunnisa, took the lead with an invigorating selection of entertaining games. These games were thoughtfully designed to engage and amuse the moms, drawing inspiration from nostalgic nursery rhymes.

Taking the stage with her mesmerizing dance performance, our dynamic mom                        Mrs. Dhanalakshmi held the attention of everyone in the room with her graceful moves and charisma. Meanwhile, Mrs. Liba Siju showcased her exceptional talent through an entrancing solo performance, leaving the audience spellbound with her melodious singing.

In a heartwarming gesture, the students of classes 1 and 2 poured out their love and affection for their moms, creating an emotional and touching moment through a beautiful video presentation.

Principal K. V. Indulekha delivered a thoughtful speech addressing the moms to be away from gadgets and spend quality time with their children. She acknowledged the parents' dedication and enthusiasm in attending these sessions, which have served as platforms for learning, sharing experiences, and building a strong parent-teacher community. She concluded her speech with prize distribution to the winners of the games.

A presentation on the topic of ‘LGBT’ was thoughtfully compiled by the counsellors, Mrs. Niya Fathima and Mrs. Shibly Gafoor, with the aim of promoting understanding and awareness among mothers.

Mrs Nushee, mother of Tamim of Class1, showcased her remarkable talent by beautifully singing a Hindi song, despite being from Iran. Her captivating performance left the audience in awe, appreciating her dedication and passion for music. To everyone's surprise, Mrs Nushee was also selected as the lucky winner through a random selection process. Under her chair, a chit with the words "lucky winner" was found, earning her a special gift. She expressed her gratitude and appreciation to the school management for providing an opportunity and making her feel like a fortunate parent and fostering a sense of belonging and creating a cordial environment that made her feel like a part of the IISM family.

The program's most memorable moment was a poignant and touching tribute that captured the essence of a daughter's deep and unwavering love. Rehmat Unissa, a student of class 11 sung a solo in Hindi, dedicated to her beloved mother, Mrs. Zeba Fathima. As she poured her emotions into every note, her voice resonated with profound love and affection, leaving her and the entire audience overwhelmed with tears of appreciation.

The event reached its climax with a heartwarming group song performed by the mothers, followed by a mesmerizing Arabic melody sung by Abisha Backer, an exceptionally talented Class 1 student. The momentous occasion concluded with a vote of thanks proposed by the joint convenor Mrs. Dhanya Anish, thanking our beloved director, Malayil Moosa Koya for his invaluable support and guidance in organizing this event. She also thanked Principal,       K. V. Indulekha for being instrumental in conducting the Inner Wheel Session. She also expressed her gratitude to all the moms and the staff for being a part of the programme and making it a memorable one.

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