Cleaning Campaign at Bhavans Smart Indian School

Cleaning Campaign at Bhavans Smart Indian School

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Cleanliness gives rise to good character by keeping body and mind clean and peaceful, which involves the idea of removing dirt and anything unnecessary in and around our surroundings. Smart Indian School conducted a cleaning campaign  on 22 nd May, 2023, at 7.45 a.m. 

Under the guidance and supervision of the Physical Education department Grade 3 students from different sections were taken to clean the open ground in front of the school. All the students actively participated and enjoyed the activity with their friends. 

The purpose of this clean-upcampaign was to educate the students on the negativeimpacts of littering. It also showed students the difference between a clean community and a trash- filled one. Another important lesson learned during this campaign was the power of working together and commitment for creating a better environment in and around us. 

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