Bhavans SIS & JnJ KG celebrates 'Friendship Day'

Have a friend forever to be happy! 

Image 1Friendship is life, friendship is love, friendship is the beauty of our life, and it’s the best gift!  

Friendship is often underrated, considering the tremendous impact it has on our wellbeing. Early childhood friendship is something that is frequently overlooked as a positive developmental influence. We don’t always realize how attached young children are to their friends.  

Kindergarten wing of Bhavans Smart Indian School and Jack and Jill Preschool celebrated friendship day. On this occasion our tiny tots enthusiastically made friendship cards and shared few lines about their friends, after all Friendship Day is just an opportunity to let our friends know that we value their presence in our life. Teachers shared stories about true friendship, sharing and caring.  

Children quite possibly made friends for life and memories to cherish. 

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