Collaborative Learning Programme on “Farming Culture 2023-24” Unites IES Kuwait, and Unicent School, Hyderabad 

Collaborative Learning Programme on “Farming Culture 2023-24” Unites IES Kuwait, and Unicent School, Hyderabad 

vlcsnap 2023 11 04 11h29m21s213In a remarkable display of cross-border educational collaboration, the students of Bhavans Indian Education School in Kuwait joined hands with their peers from Unicent School in Kompally, Hyderabad, for a virtual knowledge exchange that exuded inspiration and intellectual camaraderie. Organised by the Department of Social Science at IES and Unicent School, this scholarly symposium revolved around the overarching theme of "Farming Culture 2023-24," involving the academically inquisitive ninth graders from both educational institutions. 

This remarkable event unfolded on Wednesday, November 1, 2023, leveraging the Zoom platform from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. The presence of Mr. Binoy Mathew, the Vice-Principal of IES, and Ms. Hajira Bhanu, the Head of the Social Science Department, IES, elevated the occasion with their presence. While the ninth-grade students from IES were privileged to experience the program in the opulent IES auditorium, the selected students, and educators from Unicent School joined online, bridging geographical boundaries with intellectual enthusiasm. 

The event embarked upon its intellectual journey with Mrs. Sarvachala, the Coordinator of Unicent School, delivering a formal introduction to the collaborative programme. It was followed by a melodious shloka recitation, setting the tone for an eventful morning. The host institution, Unicent School, extended a warm welcome to the virtual assembly, and the students from Unicent School enthralled the attendees with a riveting series of presentations, delving into a spectrum of thought-provoking topics. Their eloquent discourses spanned modern farming techniques, a comprehensive statistical analysis of global crop production, the nuances of organic farming, strategies for ensuring food security, the complex issue of global food security, and strategies for mitigating food wastage and safeguarding biodiversity on a global scale. A captivating slideshow provided snapshots of Unicentians engaging in various global initiatives, and it shed light on the policies and schemes implemented by diverse nations to preserve the planet's precious biodiversity. 

The presentation from IES was equally captivating, featuring a mesmerizing skit that transported the audience to the realms of ancient and modern farming culture in Egypt. The presentation was enriched further with a harmonious harvest song from France and engaging interviews with farmers from the far corners of the globe, including Kuwait, Italy, Brazil, and Russia. The cultural voyage culminated with an enchanting farming song from England, celebrating the roots and heritage of agriculture. Both schools converged in an interactive session, dealing with topics related to farming culture. Serving as adept emcees for the day were Srijith and Harika of Unicent School, and Evanna Brijesh from IES. 

The spectators were also graced by the enlightening perspectives of Mrs. Rama Devi, the esteemed Principal of Unicent School, and Mr. Binoy Mathew, the Vice-Principal of IES. Mr. Mathew commended the students for their impeccable presentation and diligent research work. He underscored the indispensable role that farmers play in upholding global food security while shedding light on the challenges they grapple with, such as inadequate infrastructure, market facilities, and exploitation by intermediaries. Mrs. Rama Devi applauded the students of IES for their commendable presentations on farming methodologies, food security, and management of food wastage. She passionately encouraged the students to actively combat food wastage and lauded the steadfast support and collaborative efforts of IES's Principal, Mr. T. Premkumar, in organizing this annual event for the past four years. A meaningful exchange of ideas ensued as students from both institutions provided valuable feedback, fostering a sense of global intellectual cooperation. The proceedings culminated with a gracious vote of thanks offered by a student from Unicent School. 

The collaborative learning programme left a lasting impact by helping students understand the vital role that farmers play in ensuring food security. It stands as a testament to the transformative potential of education and international cooperation in addressing pressing global challenges. 

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