Bhavans IES Holds Its Annual Athletic Meet

Bhavans IES Holds Its Annual Athletic Meet  

453A8315In an atmosphere charged with enthusiastic cheers and pleasurable anticipation, the Annual Athletic Meet of Indian Education School, Kuwait, unfolded magnificently, serving as a testament to the enduring values of dedication and sportsmanship. Amidst the crisp wintry air permeating the school premises, the students displayed unwavering determination, pushing their boundaries in every sporting event. Their resilience shone through, as they showcased not just skill, speed, and strength, but also the true essence of sportsmanship. The school's Annual Athletic Meet on November 20, 2023, themed "Ace for Race," was a vivid demonstration of the Bhavanites' prowess and indomitable spirit in the realm of sports and games. 

The opening ceremony of the glorious Athletics Meet commenced at 8.a.m. with hoisting of the national flags of Kuwait and India by Mr. T. Premkumar, Principal, IES, which was followed by the national anthems of both the countries respectively. The special segment themed “Ace for Race – A March for Peace” comprised a few verses from the Holy Quran, a Hadith, a poem, and a speech. 

The marching team of IES comprising the BSS Cadets, the members of the student parliament, and the house captains, vice house captains, accompanied by the house members exuded confidence and determination as they paraded, fostering a sense of camaraderie. They marched in perfect synchrony, showcasing discipline and unity during the school's exhilarating sports day. Mr. T. Premkumar, Principal, IES, received the salutes from the marching teams. 

The torch relay led by the Sports Ministers of the Student Parliament, Tia Rachel, and Abhiram Sasidharan, and the selected sports stars of IES blazed through the school premises, igniting a sense of unity and sportsmanship. The flickering flame of the torch illuminated the enthusiasm and passion of the participants. Then, the oath which is a solemn undertaking to pledge the athletes’ allegiance and to keep their promises about their actions, was administered by Ardra Ajesh, Minister of Cultural Affairs, Student Parliament. After Mr. T. Premkumar, Principal, IES declared Athletic Meet 2023 open, the sporting tracks of IES echoed with the thundering steps of athletes racing towards victory, embodying the ethos of healthy competition and true sportsmanship. The field events were a spectacle of strength and precision, with participants aiming for new heights. 

At 10.30 a.m., the grand closing ceremony commenced with the entry of the Chief Guest, Mr. T. Premkumar, Principal, IES, and Vice-principals, Ms. Meeenakshi Nayyar and Mr. Binoy Mathew, and the Headmistress, Ms. Muneera Mamikutty, after receiving the guard of honor from the cadets of Bhavans Service Scheme. Following the recitation of a few verses from the Holy Quran, the prayer and the national anthem of Kuwait, Minister of Education, Student Parliament, Nakshatra Binu, extended a warm welcome with grace and eloquence. Through her graceful words, she not only welcomed the esteemed guests but also raised a profound sense of unity and inclusivity among the spectators. 

The crowning glory of the whole event was the mesmerizing drill displays. The students of grades 1 and 2, clad in enthusiasm and engaged in a freehand drill, showcased their agility and natural grace. The drill was a canvas for the kids' boundless energy, as they leapt, twisted, and stretched, celebrating their newfound freedom of movement. The students of grades 3 and 4 stole the show with their ribbon display. In a whirlwind of hues, they orchestrated a dashing display. Their graceful and vibrant movements painted the air with splashes of color. With marvelous movements, the girls of grades 7 and 8 performed an exquisite hoop display, choreographing sequences that showcased their dexterity and flair.  

The prize distribution ceremony witnessed a parade of the winners who were honoured with medals and were much appreciated for their stellar performances in the arena of sports. The individual champions of various athletic events received medals and trophies from the principal, vice-principals, and the headmistress. The overall championship trophy was bagged by Tapas house.  

Mr. T. Premkumar, Principal, IES, in his closing address, extolled the prize winners and appreciated and acknowledged the ceaseless efforts of Murugaiyan Subbarayalu K. Samy, the Head of the Department, and the members of the entire Physical Education Department for organizing such a resplendent show. He referenced the Cricket World Cup tournament 2023, highlighting the important lesson to be drawn from Team Australia's triumph despite facing defeat in two preliminary matches. Emphasizing the team's unwavering perseverance and unyielding confidence, he stressed that these attributes were the driving forces behind their hard-won victory in the final match. Concluding his address, he urged the students to pursue their aspirations with unwavering diligence and perseverance, embracing every setback as a crucial building block towards future accomplishments. 

The enthusiastic participation of the Bhavanites during the Sports Meet served as a powerful proof for their tremendous spirit. It vividly showcased their admirable traits of camaraderie, leadership, teamwork, and sportsmanship, proving that nothing could hinder their fervor in displaying these exceptional qualities. The curtains were drawn on the sports meet with the vote of thanks proposed by Tia Rachel George, Minister of Sports, Student Parliament, IES, followed by the national anthem of India. The emcees for the day were Adam Ajoy and Evanna Sarah Brijesh. 

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