Eupheus Orientation Program for Teachers of Grades 1-5

Eupheus Orientation Program for Teachers of Grades 1-5

453A6287Bhavans Kuwait School in unison with Eupheus Publications organised an orientation program for teachers of grades 1-5 of both Indian Educational School and Smart Indian School on 16th and 17th March at 8:00 am in the school auditorium. The session was led by Mr. Tarun Kapoor, resource person for Eupheus Publications. The event directed at equipping the teachers in manoeuvring the recently introduced textbooks for the aforementioned grades before the upcoming academic year. The orientation program for teachers is an essential component of ensuring that educators are enabled with the necessary knowledge, skills, and resources to excel in their roles within an educational institution.

The orientation program commenced with a warm welcome extended by Headmistress of Indian Educational School, Ms. Muneera Mammikutty. Mr. Tarun Kapoor took charge of the session by familiarizing the textbooks assigned for each subject. Mr. Kapoor also initiated a meaningful and pivotal discussion with teachers addressing their concerns and queries regarding the time frame of completion of the prescribed syllabus. He also introduced many features of the textbook along with personalized revision sheets for enhancing the learning outcomes of the elementary school learners.  The first day concluded with recapitulating the major points and setting the agenda for the succeeding day.

Day two of the Orientation Program majorly intended to provide a workshop for the teachers to utilize the application, School Mitra. The teachers were given a hands-on experience on using the app by installing it on their smart phones and how it can be dexterously deployed to use digital content to maximise the efficacy of learning. The session also guided the teachers in preparing a year plan in concordance with the teaching periods provided for each subject. The discussion and interaction were illuminating and enlightening for the participants as they were able to realize and comprehend the varied digital features that can be implemented in teaching – learning scenarios. 

Mr. Kapoor concluded the session with a dynamic and robust question and answer session and zealously engaged the participants who articulated their doubts and queries while managing the application and resources provided by Eupheus Publications. The Orientation Program was distinctly informative and inspiring for the teachers to thrive in their roles and contribute positively to the school's educational mission.


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