FAIPS (DPS) felicitates scholars of 2023-24

FAIPS (DPS) felicitates scholars of 2023-24

DSC 2782 11zonFAIPS DPS, has been honouring its meritorious performers in the scholar badge award ceremony every year. This glorious tradition, deferred due to COVID 19, was revived by FAIPS with all its pomp and pageantry, on May 15, 2024 for the senior and the middle school achievers of the academic year 2023-24. The glittering function, held in the school auditorium was graced by the presence of Her Excellency Ms. Aliya Mawani, Ambassador of Canada to Kuwait as the Chief Guest, while the middle school programme was honoured by His Excellency, Mr. Morino Yasunari, and Ambassador of Japan to Kuwait. Other distinguished guests to enhance the occasion were Ms. Lana Othman Al Ayyar, CEO-Al Rayan Holding Company and Mr. Arun Choudhary, CFO and Head Strategy, Al Rayan Holding Company.

After a respectful salutation to the nation followed by the divine rendition of verses from the Holy Quran and its translation, the Principal, Mr. Ravi Ayanoli led the prominent dignitaries to the ceremonial lighting of the lamp symbolizing the triumph of good over evil and dispelling of darkness. The coordinators of Grades VI to XI, were also invited to do the honours.

The Head Boys of the Senior Council, Jasim Shah, and Daniel George, extended a formal welcome to the esteemed guest, extolling her Excellency Ms. Aliya Mawani’s distinguished credentials, while their middle school Head Boy Avanish Kannan expostulated on the illustrious career of His Excellency, Mr. Morino Yasunari, the Hon Japanese ambassador.  The Principal, Mr. Ravi Ayanoli, while addressing the gathering motivated the students to aim higher in their academic pursuits. He urged the parents to support their children on this educational journey not by doing their work, but by guiding them in thinking and seeking solutions for their problems.

Her Excellency Ms. Aliya Mawani, the Hon ambassador, in her speech, shared her profound insight and words of wisdom, radiating positivity and uplifting the audience while giving her feedback on the ceremony. She emphasized the significance of education, self-assurance, and following one's passions. She also shared her concerns on global issues of climate change, and the challenges of women empowerment while His Excellency, Mr. Morino Yasunari enlightened the gathering with his sagacity and perception, recounting his jubilant childhood and his schooldays. He bestowed valuable advice to the vigilant scholars and their families, concluding with an optimistic outlook for the future.

The ceremony then gained momentum with a spectacular display of well-coordinated and synchronized items showcasing the rich and multifarious talents of FAIPS students.  A melodious Hindi welcome song, beautifully rendered and a captivating Nukkad Natak (street play) with a powerful message of world peace and unity and a vibrant dance performance whisked the audience away to the enchanting world of colours, filling the auditorium with jubilation and a festive spirit. A foot-tapping French song, followed by an impactful choral recitation by the students of class VIII and IX, and a flawlessly choreographed semi-classical dance kept the audience spellbound, thus validating its status as the ultimate Numero Uno School, not just in its academic excellence but in its artistic flavor as well.

As the much- awaited segment of the award ceremony drew closer, each scholar was honored with the prestigious scholar badge as a testimony to their relentless efforts and dedication throughout the academic year. The recipients were awarded with the prestigious scholar badge and certificate presented for their meritorious performance during the academic year. It was a proud moment for the parents to see their ward add yet another feather to their pedagogic cap.

   Nikita Rabelo, and Farida Fakhruddin the Head Girls of the senior council and the Head girl of    the junior council, Avantika V.B. expressed her heartfelt gratitude to the dedicated teachers, supportive parents, and hardworking team members whose efforts brought the entire program to life. The programme came to a close with the Indian National Anthem, symbolizing solidarity and patriotism. This remarkable event culminated in a resounding success.

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