Indian women shining stars Book released at enthralled crowd by Indian Frontliners,Kuwait


Indian women shining stars Book released at enthralled crowd

by Indian Frontliners, Kuwait

 IFL Kuwait Book Release

In a most spectacular show, the Indian Frontliners released its 22ndBook on the Indian Women Shining stars.  The enthralled crowd occupied the auditorium at Kuwait Medical Association Hall for more than 4 hours on 26th April evening.

IFL Kuwait Book ReleaseThis book on Indian Women talents in kuwait  is brought out by Popular Tamil Writer and Founder of IFL N.C. Mohandoss and his editorial team .

The most popular journalist and the Indian News TV Channel Puthiya Thalaimurai’s Managing Editor Karthigaichelvan released the book and the Indian film actress & social worker Varalaxmi Sarathkumar (who is popular  in IFL Kuwait Book Releasesouth Indian films}; and the veteran Indian play back singer Malgudi Subha, who sang more than 3000 songs in Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu films.Anand Aravindakshan Vijay TV’s Super singer 5 title winner along with Malgudi Subha gave a splendid musical night for the enthralled crowd.

Also, both Kartigaichelvan and Varalaxmi had a long Q&A session and inspired IFL Kuwait Book Releasethe gathering  as its being Indian election time. This “Nerukku Ner” interview with the public stole the show. The answers given by Karthigaichelvan was wise and matching to the need of the hour in India. It was a great honor to get such a fine quality journalist in Kuwait.

IFL Kuwait Book Release

Earlier, President Dr. Ananthi Natarajan welcomed the gathering in her presidential address. IFL Vice-President Senthil Kumar introduced IFL social activities to the public and the guests from India.  The program was compiled by Mrs. Priya Ambalavanan and Mrs. Vijayapriya Ramanan. The event was organised by IFL team K.Mathi, Durai, Senthil Kumar, Alaudeen, Subbu, AV specialist Hari, Nagu, Annamalai, Perumal, Kanmani along with the organizing committee made a mega event .

About The Chief Guest Karthigaichelvan: He  is having 23 plus years in print, visual and digital news media, presently working as Managing Editor in Puthiya Thalaimurai TV.  He had Participated in an international visitors program in the US in 2012 (Special program to discuss post war situation in Sri Lanka) which was organised by the US State Department. Karthigaichelvan has been consistently reporting on Sri IFL Kuwait Book ReleaseLankan Tamil issues from 2000. Covered Northern Province election in 2013 and the 2014 Presidential polls in SriLanka. Taken interviews of the SrilankanPresident Sirisena, Northern province CM Wigneshwaran and other senior leaders. He had Closely worked with Former Indian President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam for writing a book in Tamil. Karthigaichelvan is now anchoring a prime time show 'Nerpada Pesu' in Puthiya Thalaimurai TV besides anchoring Agni Paritchai (a one-on-one IFL Kuwait Book ReleaseInterview with senior political leaders). Puthiya Thalaimurai TV is a Tamil news channel at Chennai, India. It is run by Chennai-based The New Generation Media Corporation, along with Puthiya Thalaimurai Magazine. The channel is known for its neutrality and reflecting people's emotions in their programmes. He had interviewed many senior leaders including TN former Chief Ministers M. Karunanidhi and J Jayalalithaa.He was awarded by many organizations including Vikatan group for best anchoring. Vikatan has mentioned him as 'Anbin Neriyaalar'.

Varalaxmi Sarathkumar

Varalaxmi Sarathkumar also known as Varu is a famous Indian movie actress who is predominantly acting in Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam movies. After completing her training at the acting school, she made her movie debut in 2012 with Tamil movie and acted in various movies. She is also a trained Bharatanatyam, jazz, hip-hop, and ballet dancer, and was a part of dance group Hot Shoe Dance Company for eight years. In the year 2017, she has started a campaign ‘Save Sakthi’ to fight for Women Empowerment. She is a graduate in microbiology from Hindustan Arts and Science college, Chennai with a Master’s in Business Management degree from the University of Edinburgh, and honed her acting skills at Anupam Kher’s Acting School in Mumbai, before becoming an actress. She has acted several films; her antagonist role in the Tamil movie, Sarkar, starring with Vijay  and with vishal in Sandai kozhi 2 are  a powerful role and can take her places in the movies to come.

Made her debut with the Tamil film Podaa Podi (2012), portraying a London-based dancer.


IFL Kuwait Book Release

The Indian Frontliners, a service organization registered in Indian Embassy, Kuwait was started in 1997 by Writer N.C. Mohandoss with service minded people, to join hands for serving the needy people; IFL consists of people from different walks of life, different parts of India and different economic sections.  Moreover, these services were rendered by the IFL members, who are the volunteers from different background such as Engineers, Doctors, Businessmen etc. and with different social and financial status.

IFL Kuwait Book Release

IFL’s helping hands have reached out to wide spectrum of the needy person in the society. IFL working directly and through other service organization, have provided relief and assistance in the field of Education, Health, Disaster Relief, Old-age care, Orphanage services, Animal Care & Community welfare etc..Every year IFL have been conducting such program and releasing the book consisting of valuable articles about prominent Indians; through which IFL are able to mobilize the fund to help the needy people.

IFL Kuwait Book Release




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