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DASOLSAV 2019 by Prathibha School of Dance

DASOLSAV 2019 by Prathibha School of Dance


Its the fact that determines the gradual growth of an art or artist that in the course of a journey, you finally say confiedntly that you are a triumphant !!! Yes, PSD now stands in its 11th year of its growth and turning back, you can watch the succesful, glorious 10 years of conquering the dancing world in Kuwait and out of Kuwait.

PSD is thankful to those who stood behind us since last 10 years and they do really deserve the golden crown of this success!! Our beloved students struggled hard and their proud parents inspired behind them and now they proudly wish to be known theirselves as ' Prathibhites'.

Here, we celebrate the happiness together with our darlings and too proud to invite each and all to the mind blowing diverse presentatiion of the little angels on our 10th year and we name it as 'DASOLSAV - 2019' . We promise you an eve of complete excitement and love!!!


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