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Sabha "Aseem" Invities


.Sabha "Aseem" Invities



 “Sabha” stands for Indian Classical stage programs; also functions as a platform for the promotion of young talents, amateur and professional artists and invited guest performers. “Sabha” is a not-for-profit, non commercial, voluntary organization

Since its inception in 2013, “Sabha” so far organized 15 programs of rich and pure Classical nature. All our past events had a distinct nature and style of presentation.

Sabha has scheduled the 16th program on October 11th 2019, at The Gurukul Auditorium, Salmiya, Kuwait. This program named “Aseem” will present a unique Indian Classical Dance Festival, featuring Miss. Sophia Salingaros (Newyork) with Bharathanatyam and Mrs. Moumita Sasmal (Kolkata) with Mohiniyattam. 

“Sabha” wish to invite all members of Indian Community in Kuwait to be a part of this auspicious evening, to witness our Rich Culture and Heritage being carried through round the globe. The entry is free.

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