Mahotsavom- 2019

Mahotsavom - 2019


  Thrissur Association of Kuwait (TRASSK)will be conducting "Mahotsavom- 2019 " on Friday, 1st November  2019,3pm onwards at Sabah Al Salem theatre, Khaldiya university.

The Event will start at 3 pm with a grand colourful procession, followed by  our traditional Kerala Art  forms performed by a group of 30-40 children.
Main attractions:
* musical extravaganza by Vidhu Prathap,Anwar Sadath and Nayana Nair
*instrumental music by leading flute artist Rajesh  Cherthala and team.
   To commemorate the occassion,we shall bring out a Souvenir which include Trassk reports,program photos,articles like poems,stories etc.
 This event will take the audience to a new world of entertainment.So please join us and be a part of "TRASSK Mahotsavam- 2019."
Your gracious presence on this Grand Event will be highly appreciated.