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The Guest Show


Our next episode of The Guest Show on Radio Kuwait International English Station will feature Sheikha Souad J Al Sabah. Sheikha Souad is a renowned fashion designer and the first Kuwaiti to be awarded the Arab Women’s Award for Fashion.In 2002, Sheikha Souad launched her unique designs blending Culture, Design and Art. She combines vintage and modern fabrics to create her own unique signature pieces. Sheikha Souad is credited with the ‘resurgence’ of the traditional kaftan in Kuwait. A versatile and gifted artist, Sheikha Souad was awarded the Fashion Designer of the Year Award at the first Arab Woman Awards Kuwait presented by the ITP. Sheikha Souad has also published a coffee table book that showcases her own designs  and some pieces from her private collection of vintage pieces.  In The Guest Show, Sheikha Souad talks of her journey with Sirdab 6 and Seen, her work with her vintage collection, and Kuwaiti fashion and her deep and abiding love for India.