The World's Fastest Human Calculator invites

The World's Fastest Human Calculator invites

World's Fastest Human Calculator, Mr. Neelakantha Bhanu's workshop 

Banu , who is currently on a mission to revolutionize mathematics by eradicating the fear of Math from the minds of young children across the globe. Mr. Bhanu's one-of-a-kind Mental Math Online Workshop, "How to Become 4x Faster and Better at Math", has been conducted in more than 450 schools with 40,000 students across Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa, UAE, Oman, Kuwait, and India.

And it is with great pleasure I extend an invitation to the students within the Frontliners Association to join us on our math workshop which is dedicated to the students of Grades 1-8 to improve their mental math calculations. This webinar is aligned with any curriculum and is beneficial for their academic progress. I have shared the details of Mr. Neelakantha Bhanu and the webinar details: 

Mr. Neelakantha Bhanu Prakash's Achievements:

  1.  4-time Guinness World Record holder and 50 Limca Book of World Records in the field of mathematics.
  2.  Sole Asian Indian to secure a Gold Medal in the prestigious Mind Sports Olympiad held in London, UK.
  3.  Featured in Forbes 30 Under 30 for his exceptional contributions to mathematics.

Wikipedia Page of Mr. Bhanu

BBC Article on Mr. Bhanu 

Workshop Highlights:

  1. Gain a Fresh Perspective: Explore math through visual learning and storytelling.
  2. Overcome Math Phobia: Replace fear with curiosity.
  3. Crack Complex Problems: Using fun and practical examples.
  4. Learn Anti-pen and Paper Techniques: Unconventional methods of mental maths taught to children which has aided Mr. Bhanu in being a Math Wizard.

Workshop Details: Students in grades 1-8

  1. Date: 20th Of August(Sunday) or the 26th of August (Saturday).
  2. Time: 11:30 AM - 12:30 AM (Kuwait Time) 
  3. Platform: Zoom (Accessible from anywhere).
  4. Participation Certificate: All attendees will receive a certificate of participation.