*Do Not Weaken, Do not grieve: IMA-YW's Youth Conference 2023*

*Do Not Weaken, Do not grieve: IMA-YW's Youth Conference 2023*

Youth Conference

Indian Muslim Association - YouthWing (IMA-YW) has arranged a grand Youth Conference with theme "Do not weaken & Do not grieve, you will be superior if you are true believers" (Al Quran, Chapter 3: Verse 139)" on 23rd of November 2023 (7:15 pm) at Masjid-e-Mariyam, Mahboula. This Conference is a Concluding event of more than a month long Associate Making Campaign (AMC) which was observed to spread the message of "Do not weaken & do not grieve..." across the Kuwait amongst Indian Youths.

YouthWing is focusedly participating in meeting Indian Youths and briefly highlighting about current situation in Palestine & in India. This campaign was planned in view of ongoing uncertainty among Indian Youths and to understand our responsibilities, explore the possible opportunities available in the current scenario, and make the best use of it for a better future. In addition, enhancing YouthWing strength in expediting community services.

The Youth Conference has mainly two topics, first is "Masjid-e-Aqsa (Palestine) and our responsibilities" which will be delivered by Moulana Ishiteyaque Alam Falahi (News Editor in Qatar News Agency & Vice President of Indian Friends Circle, Qatar), a renowned speaker from Qatar and another topic is "Do not Weaken and Do not Grieve: with respect to Indian context",which will be delivered by renowned speaker Janab Sharafuddin Soofi, Ex-Vice President of IMA-Kuwait.

Accordingly, IMA-YouthWing invites all the Indian Muslim Youth in Kuwait to participate in the Grand Youth Conference and be part of a historical event in understanding our roles and responsibilities for a brighter & better future.