Smart NEW useful website for students

A new website for online after school education called Smarlearnings. Smart learning's offers technology based result orientated learning solutions at the comfort of your home and the time of your choosing at affordable prices.
The website caters to school children from grades 6 – 12 attending American , British and Indian schools.
We also provide online tutoring services for college students that cover their ongoing courses in addition to tutoring for entrance exams i.,e Tofel, ilets , SAT and Indian college entrance examinations.
Shortly we will also be adding a variety of courses for working professionals, i.,e IT, Logistics, Accounting, Banking , letter writing, languages and many more

Smartlearnings offers one on one tutoring sessions on an sophisticated video / audio enabled white board where images, videos and other reference materials can be displayed for students thus making the learning experiences engaging and effective. All tutoring sessions are conducted by our team of experienced teachers.

Besides the paid courses Smartlearnings also offers a hundred of free reference materials and quizes for students and working professionals.

Please take a moment and browse through  website and give feedback and suggestions.