JEE Main 2019 - hacks to help you score 220 plus

JEE Main 2019 - Ongoing preparation hacks to help you score 220 plus

JEE Main 2019: The Joint Entrance Examination (Mains) is scheduled to be conducted from January 6 to 20, 2019. The admit card for the same will be available to download from December 17 this year. The examinations will be a whole new  ball game as it will be conducted by the newly-formed National Testing Authority (NTA).

What’s New?

NTA will conduct JEE Mains Paper 1 for BTech / BE aspirants exclusively as a computer-based test. This is groundbreaking because until  last year, a mere 15-20 per cent of the students were actually taking JEE Mains in the computer-based mode with rest preferring the conventional paper pencil mode.

Pro Tip: A computer-based test is not drastically different as the syllabus has not been changed. Students need to ensure that they are used to this interface by taking mock tests in the computer mode. It has been recommended that students need to try out the mock papers and User-based Interface on the JEE website.

Ongoing preparation hacks

Prepare strategically: You may be really good at some topics in each subject. For example, if you like Maths, it is likely that you are strong in Physics as well as in Physical Chemistry. Some chapters that are important across the three subjects – Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics are Calculus, Mechanics, Atomic Structure, Bonding, Optics etc.

Cover your base: Ensure you look at question papers from the last few years and solve them first. You absolutely must go through NCERT in its entirety as both the exams – the JEE Main and JEE Advanced are based on the NCERT syllabus itself. If you are unable to solve a question, it is okay, swallow your pride and look at the solution. Figure out the trick used to solve the challenge. This will give you a lot of confidence.

Know your enemy: Negative marking is your single biggest enemy. Remember, the goal here is not to attempt all the questions, but to get all the questions that you attempt to be correct. Use as many tricks and shortcuts to arrive at the correct answer.

Eat, sleep and time yourself: Lack of sleep or composure could be your unforeseen hurdle. Stay relaxed in the days leading up to the exam, eat healthily, get enough sleep. This routine will really help you be your best self during the exam. While you are figuring out a routine, you must be conscious of time, time is your best friend in all of this.

Mock tests and focus: Managing this well includes figuring out how much time to spend on what topic and how much time you are spending on taking mock tests. Mock tests will give you a sense of your exam readiness and will also help you realise your strengths which you can focus on.

11th standard is the key: One thing that students have mentioned in the past is the difficulty they face with 11th standard topics. Most board exams that the students take focus on the 12th standard portions, but the competitive exams like the JEE Advanced and Main exams test both the 11th and 12th standard portions. It is highly likely that one needs a bit of a revision of the 11th standard topics and this is highly recommended. It is not that big a deal since most 12th standard topics build-up on ideas introduced in the 11th standard. Do make sure to brush those up.

Final thoughts: Ultimately, don’t be bothered about the technicalities of the number of attempts, type of attempts etc. Just focus and ensure that you are thorough with concepts and have practiced enough. Go with this confidence and you will be able to kill any test.