Indian Classical Music Concert by IBPC with the Under the patronage of Embassy of India Kuwait

Indian Classical Music Concert by IBPC with the Under the patronage of Embassy of India Kuwait

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The program titled SAROD TRIO CONCERT by Sarod Grand Master Padma vibhushan Ustad Amjad Ali Khan & his sons Mr. Amaan Ali Khan Bangash (Sarod) Mr. Ayaan Ali Khan Bangash (Sarod) and Mr. Anubrata Chatterjee (Tabla)

Inauguration was attended by His Excellency Dr. Adarsh Swaika and his wife, Mr. Gurvinder Singh Lamba, Hon. Chairman Mr. Kaizer T Shakir, Hon. Vice Chairman, Mr. Soly Mathew, Hon. Secretary, Mr. Suresh K P, Hon. Jt. Secretary, Mr. Sunit Arora Hon. Treasurer.

Indian Classical Music Concert organized by IBPC, Under the patronage of the Embassy of India to Kuwait with the objective of promoting India and Kuwait Cultural relations. Prominent Kuwaitis attended this program, with more than 30 Ambassadors from different countries and the Indian diaspora in Kuwait.

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