Dr. Rumane Honored as Middle East’s Most Inspiring Leaders

Dr. Rumane Honored as Middle East’s Most Inspiring Leaders


Insights Succes magazine has featured Dr. Abdul Razzak Rumane, former President of FRONTLINERS Kuwait, as “Middle East’s Most Inspiring Leaders to Watch in 2023”.


Insights Success delves into the journey of those exceptional individuals who are shaping the middle east destiny. The magazine features leaders representing a diverse array of expertise and impact.

Dr. Abdul Razzak Rumane Ph.D. is an engineer, consultant, and internationally acclaimed author of 8 books in the field of quality in construction, amongst one is translated into KOREAN language. The books fulfill the gap that was existing in the literature of quality in construction.

Dr. Rumane is recipient of many prestigious international awards and medals. His biography has been published by various publisher in their different title books.

Dr. Rumane is associated with several international professional bodies. He is a Chartered Quality Professional-Fellow of the Chartered Quality Institute (UK), Fellow of The Institution of Engineers (India). Senior Member of ASQ (USA). Honorary Fellow of Chartered Management Association, Hong Kong. He is Certified Consultant Engineer in the field of Project Management and Electrical Engineering.

Dr. Rumane has served many organizations in the honorary capacity and actively involved in voluntary works.

His professional career exceeds 50 years and is currently a residence of Kuwait associated with Sijjeel Co. Kuwait as Advisor and Director, Construction Management.