Kuwait Parivallal Friends Association 25-01-2024

Kuwait Parivallal Friends Association 25-01-2024

Since 2004, Kuwait Parivallal Friends Association has been operating in Kuwait, with a motive of benefitting its members and helping the poor in the homeland in a big way.

Over the past 19 years, 45 lakhs of Indian Rupees had been donated by extending help to the poor towards medical treatments, educational assistance to the poor students, marriage expenses, assistance to the disabled and for the natural disaster relief.

This year the fund distribution ceremony was held in India on Thursday 25-01-2024 at Sami V Landmarks Wedding Hall, Aranthangi, Pudukkottai District of Tamil Nadu, led by Dr. Sami P. Venkat, General Secretary of Kuwait Parivallal Friends Association.

The function was honoured by the participation of Kuwait Indian FrontLiners Social Wing Secretary “Sevai Semmel” K. Venkatamathi, Aranthangi Rotary Club President Mr.  VGS Senthil, Mr. RRK Malaikannan, Aranthangi Tahsildar Mr. Karuppaiya, Mr. Bhupathi Teacher, Port City Rotary Club Secretary Mr. Ibrahimsha and Karaikudi JM Earth Movers Mr. S. Jayamani with the distribution of cheques to 14 families.

The members of Kuwait Parivallal Friends Association who are visiting home on vacation have added value to the function with their presence.  Mr. T. Ilango, Treasurer of the Association, gave the welcome address and PFA Member Mr. Sridhar delivered the vote of thanks.

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