Discover your Creativity-Material for the benefit of the students

Discover your creativity

A webinar course for the benefit of society

by Dr. S. Neelamani

 We are living in knowledge society. New fields are fast developing like Artificial intelligence, Nanotechnology, Robotics, data science, information technology etc. and new job opportunities arise around the world, where the chance is bright for creative and innovative people. Many jobs, humans are doing so far, are getting replaced by intelligent machines. In this situation, every one need to be more creative to lead a successful life.

Dr. S. Neelamani, Senior Research Scientist, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research and former faculty member of IIT Madras and Visiting Professor of IIT Kharagpur has been doing guidance, counselling of school students for the past 35 years. He is also doing one to one interaction with students to empower them to overcome issues related to education and academic growth and goal setting.

Recently he offered a webinar course especially for high school students on “Discover your Creativity” through GrainED  (, a social service organization founded by Mr. Satish Kumar. In this course, Dr. S. Neelamani explained the basics of creativity; how to know one is creative; how to become more creative in life and many questions on this topic raised by students. This webinar is now available in YouTube and can be accessed using Dr. S. Neelamani believes that going through this YouTube coverage would help students to become more creative in their day today life and excel in academic growth and happily meet the future challenges.


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