- By Harshita Jindal

COVID-19 or more commonly known as Coronavirus is a Global Pandemic that has widely affected major economies and has disturbed the balance of life. This deadly virus spreads primarily through contact with an infected person when they touch, cough or sneeze. Maintaining distance, restraining from physical contact and at the same time taking care of our family’s psychological well-being as well as staying at home, washing our hands, and wearing masks have been key factors for our survival the past year.

The first pandemic originated in 2020, where most of the world was under lockdown and citizens were required to stay within their homes to avoid contact with an infected person. All forms of public transport, shopping malls and other such public places were shut down, the streets had become isolated and lost their purpose.

"Engaging" as such during this time of caution was like playing with fire. Even the simple task of staying at home had become a cycle of boredom and a constant need for socializing. Many of the social media influencers of the modern world put up stories for us to get motivated to stay put at home and restrict ourselves from going out.

People had moved towards having video calls with their friends and families as an alternative to meeting them in person, schools had opted for online classes to keep up with the school year and many were stuck in a trans of watching viral videos all day long to keep themselves from being bored.

 Online trends also helped individuals across the world to socialize. Activities such as cooking, binge-watching television, working from home and developing ourselves in pursuance of social distancing had become common. Additionally, countries like Italy and India displayed integrity through symbols of hope such as lighting candles and clapping hands standing in their balconies.

We have moved a year ahead and there are still 133 million active cases around the world.

We have already experienced a pandemic that gambled with our social, mental and physical skeleton, so as humans who thrive on dependence towards one another, let’s take another step towards getting vaccinated, reducing contact unless needed and continue to take necessary precautions. COVID-19 is an uphill battle and the only way to come away from it is through adapting and changing our methods of socializing.

 Mentored by Nasrin Ejner ICE Consultant, India


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