SAIYARTI - fully automated Motor Third Party Insurance Policy

Saiyarti Logo OrangeSaiyarti is Kuwait’s first fully automated platform for obtaining and renewing the Motor Third-Party Liability (TPL) policies.

The biggest problem of the motor insurance business in Kuwait is that every car when purchased new comes with a three-year motor third party insurance. However, after the completion of the third year every car can only be insured for a period of one year and not more.

As per the traditional process, every year the customer has to visit the Insurance Company to get a policy issued and then take the vehicle physically to the traffic department for an in-person inspection. Only after this long and extremely cumbersome process does the registration book get renewed for the next one year.

Our Solution

In order to aid the car owners for buying the Motor Third Party Insurance Policy conveniently, we at ‘Insure & Secure’ decided to go on this journey with a vision of ‘’making buying Insurance easy’’ and that’s how Saiyarti was born. The idea was to develop a one-of-a-kind mobile app and web portal that makes the process of buying and renewing the mandatory Motor Third-Party Liability Insurance so much more convenient!

Saiyarti is focused on providing an automated platform to all car-owners across Kuwait where they can buy and renew their cars’ Motor Third-Party Liability Policy in the blink of an eye. The user just needs to download the Saiyarti app, upload the vehicle information and proceed to purchase the policy directly from Saiyarti. In addition to individual car owners, Saiyarti will extend its service to corporate clients through the web portal. The Saiyarti web portal allows for corporate clients to buy and renew all their motor policies in one-go so that the repetitive task of renewing one policy at a time is avoided and valuable employee working hours are saved. The Saiyarti web portal for corporate clients provides instant access to quotes, service requests, account statements, renewal alerts, invoices, policy copies, and other such associated transactions.

ArtworkSmart Features

  • Simple & Flexible: Simply register on Saiyarti app with the basic details and buy the Motor Third Party Liability policy at the click of a button! The policy will be verified by the Saiyarti team and delivered at the doorstep within the next two or three business days.
  • Referral & Rewards program: This unique program allows for the user to refer their friends and family to an online experience of purchasing a car Insurance policy from Saiyarti and in turn, get Rewarded in credits for their purchases. These referred friends can then refer Saiyarti onwards to their friends, and the user will still earn reward credits from their purchases. The beauty of this program is that the more the user refers and the more their friends refer, the more each one of them earns in reward credits. The chain goes on and on and the user can earn credits for all purchases up to 3 levels. These credits can be redeemed for the next Insurance purchase or for Real Cash. All credits are captured on our smartly designed Saiyarti dashboard for easy tracking.
  • Saiyarti Assist: Have you ever tried to race against time to head to work, only to realize your car battery has given way? Or a flat tire mid journey? While you might not be able to control the highs and lows of life, you can control how you deal with them. Saiyarti Assist leads the way, in more ways than one.

With customer experience at their core, the Saiyarti Team has launched a new feature on their app - Saiyarti Assist.

Mr. Satish Sharma, Chairman, Insure & Secure Group says,

“Saiyarti is proud to be a trailblazer in changing the way people of Kuwait insure their vehicles. Our 11,000 App installs are testimony to the idea of customers being open to a digital way of buying and renewing their policies. As a way of thanking them for their constant support and unwavering belief in us, we’re proud to offer free roadside assistance under the new Saiyarti Assist feature, exclusively to all our Saiyarti clients!”

The Assist feature enables registered Saiyarti members free and exclusive roadside assistance. Yes, we did say free! So, what does this mean for a member? On purchase or renewal of your third-party motor policy, your policy papers are delivered to your doorstep along with a membership card that allows you to enjoy special privileges of free roadside assistance.

This means that now, you can be assured that your vehicle is safe and insured against external motor damage and has access to free and exclusive roadside assistance, no matter what the motor emergency is. So, in times of a flat tire, a car breakdown, an accident, a dead battery, or even an empty fuel tank etc., Saiyarti Assist services is your trusted aid in your vehicle’s repair.

Saiyarti is a part of the ‘Insure & Secure’ group which is in the field of Insurance for over 30 years, covering all aspects of the Insurance industry including both Life and General policies.  Insure & Secure is an independent and professional Insurance advisory firm with 14+ Partner Companies, 3k+ Policies Delivered and 200+ Customers. With offices in UAE, Kuwait and India, through a highly qualified professional team we have the requisite capability and specialist knowledge to provide value added risk management services to reputed business organizations.

We work with all Insurance Companies and place business based on merits of competitive pricing, appropriate coverage and client's preference for any particular Insurance company. We are independent of Insurance companies and hence have an unbiased approach in recommending solutions. At ‘Insure & Secure’, we adhere to disciplined customer service practices and a prudent investment philosophy.

Our innovation has extended on providing “digital” auto Insurance to all car-owners across Kuwait in the blink of an eye.  WE MAKE GETTING YOUR CAR INSURED EASY & CONVENIENT!