Royan Britto - A man of Loyalty & Quality

- by Ramani.VB

Bureau Veritas is a global service company handling certification, conformity assessment, consulting and training in the fields of Marine, Industry, Health, Environment, Safety, Construction, Government Services and Consumer Products.  It is the 2nd largest classification society and has more than 1000 offices and laboratories world-over.  The group’s activity range from verifying the different steps of a building’s construction, testing materials, surveying ships or reviewing offshore construction plans, and to assess the environmental impact of an industrial project etc.

Mr.Royan Britto is the CE of Bureau Veritas’s Kuwait Office.  Therefore,  you can be sure that it is a good advice when he says  “ Loyalty to your organization gets you better rewards;  Frequent job-hopping with short term benefits in view does not work out in the long run”.   He feels that strengthening the employer  company is the best way for an employee to progress in career and financial status.  “Go with the organization; Grow with the organization”.

Mr.Royan Britto is speaking from his personal experience.  He has been with Bureau Veritas for more than 16 years.  He has changed jobs only twice in his entire career spread over three decades.  “ If your work, plan and vision are correct, then the due benefits will come to you”, assures Mr.Royan Britto.

A native of Coimbatore (India), Mr.Royan Britto studied in Carmel Garden Metric School and PSG Polytechnic, Coimbatore.  His father, Mr.M.A.Royan was an engineer and Manager of Tool Design Department of Lakshmi Machine Works, Coimbatore.  Mr. Royan Britto too graduated as an Engineer by completing Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) from P.S.G Technology , Coimbatore (University of Madras) in 1983.

His first job was with PRICOL Ltd, Coimbatore as R & D Engineer.  Within a short time,  Mr.Britto established himself as a self-motivated person and strategic planner.  After serving PRICOL for nearly two years, he moved abroad to Oman to take up the job of Chief Surveyor with International Enterprises LLC. 

He came to Kuwait in 1995 to work for Bureau Veritas,.  His business strategy of ‘Fix the Target ;Plan the strategy; Execute  ’ paid rich dividend in terms of results and growth for the company.  A calm and quiet person with perfect talent for analysis and evaluation, Mr.Royan Britto never takes any rash decision.  Given his track record, it is no wonder that he became the CEO of BV’s Kuwait office within one year of joining it !!!

Under his stewardship, Kuwait Bureau Veritas had a string of accomplishment resulting in a vibrant growth for the company.  He was able increase the strength of this organization from 1 to 58 Staffs. The Sales and profit grew multifold during his tenure. The reputation for excellent quality of services of Bureau Veritas, Kuwait set by him have been acclaimed by various governmental bodies, regulatory authorities and others like Kuwait Fire Brigade, Public Authority for Housing & Welfare, Ministry of Electricity & Water, Ministry of Health, Public Authority for Industry, Kuwait Chamber of Commerce, Kuwait Oil Company, Kuwait National Petroleum Company etc.

Mr.Royan Britto’s personal career growth too has been exceptionally good.  In fact, while Bureau Veritas has  branches in 10 countries in Gulf and its branches are normally headed by persons of Arab or European or American nationalities,  Mr.Royan Britto is the only Indian CE among them.  He is a Member of American Society of Safety Engineers .  He holds various other professional certification such as a IRCA Registered Lead Auditor and API653 Above Ground Storage Tank Inspector etc.

A well contended man, Mr.Royan Britto is married to Mrs. Felicia and has two sons, Antony and Jason, who are studying in school.   Mrs.Felicia is not just a house maker, but also a good advisor to Mr.Britto and plays a supportive role in his life & career.   Mr.Britto, as can be expected from a good strategist and analyst,  is an  chess player and is also interested in Cricket.

“I am happy with what I am;  After my retirement, I would like to engage myself full-time in educating the needy & poor in Coimbatore.”, says Mr.Royan Britto.  He is sure to make it a professional and successful activity !!!.