Authorities Issue Warning Regarding "Tik Tok" Sleep Challenge


Mexican authorities have warned of the dangers of a popular challenge on the Tik Tok platform. This challenge caused the poisoning of a number of students after they took some kind of medicine.

According to Al-Rai daily quoting AFP, the "last sleeper wins" challenge involves keeping people awake after taking clonazepam, a drug commonly used to treat epilepsy, panic attacks, and excessive anxiety.

The Public Safety Authority in Mexico City reported Thursday that ambulances treated five minors who were poisoned inside a school in Mexico City due to the drug's side effects. These side effects included drowsiness.

Authorities in the northern state of Nuevo León reported three similar cases. No students developed serious symptoms.

Nuevo Leon Alma Rosa, Minister of Health, said challenges spread through social networks often endanger others' health. Several videos spread on TikTok showing people filming themselves taking the drug and waiting for results.

Some users, however, posted videos warning of the challenge's seriousness, which has already spread to Chile.

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