Following criticism, the model bus stop was removed


It was removed within a week after the bus stop was subjected to a torrent of criticism for various reasons, including the primitive manner in which it was posted by an activist on social media. The exhibition opened in Hawally on Sunday, January 15, and was removed the following Sunday, January 22.

In just one week, the model bus stop was removed

There was criticism of what was referred to as a "model project" that did not deserve all this media attention, especially since it is the only one modernized in the governorate, and the road on which the bus top was originally built required rehabilitation and was the first to be reconstructed.

To Al-Rai, informed sources in the Hawalli Governorate explained that the station was an initiative of the governorate and was opened in cooperation with Kuwait public transport and some other parties. As a model for passengers waiting at bus stops, the station has comfortable chairs, air conditioning, lighting and surveillance cameras, in addition to protecting passengers from the bitter cold during the winter and from the scorching sun during the summer.

Moreover, the initiative aims to encourage cooperative societies, companies, and philanthropists to donate to build bus stops in all governorates, adding that the governorate administration ordered its removal within one week of its opening due to the ridicule, mockery, and frustration experienced by those in charge of the work.

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