The Sultanate of Oman now allows visa-free travel to 103 countries


It can be off-putting to deal with paperwork when traveling.

Oman now allows travel from more than 100 countries without requiring a visa.

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Those eligible can now enter Oman for up to 14 days without a visa, sure to attract tourists from around the world.

A list of countries whose nationals are eligible for this new policy has been published by the Royal Oman Police (ROP).

Travellers from countries able to make the most of visa-free travel to Oman now include:

- Argentina
- Australia
- Austria
- Belgium
- Brazil
- Bulgaria
- Canada
- China
- Colombia
- Croatia
- Cyprus
- Czech Republic
- Denmark
- Finland
- France
- Georgia
- Germany
- Greece
- Hungary
- Iceland
- Indonesia
- Iran
- Ireland
- Italy
- Japan
- Luxembourg
- Malaysia
- Malta
- Monaco
- Netherlands
- New Zealand
- Norway
- Paraguay
- Poland
- Portugal
- Romania
- Russia
- Serbia
- Singapore
- Slovakia
- Slovenia
- South Africa
- South Korea
- Spain
- Sweden
- Switzerland
- Taiwan
- Thailand
- Turkey
- Ukraine
- United Kingdom
- Uruguay
- Venezuela
- United States of America

If tourists from the 103 countries wish to spend longer than 14 days in Oman, they can extend their visa-free stay for an additional 14 days but have to pay a fee.

The new update also includes that some Indian tourists can also obtain a visa on arrival in Oman.

They must have an entry visa from the US, Canada, the United Kingdom, Schengen countries, Japan, or have a resident permit of one of the GCC countries, and work in a profession approved by the Oman government.

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