Smart recruitment and expat nationality ceiling limits


The Kuwait government has announced new regulations to address demographic imbalances in the country, which came into effect after the official publication in the “Kuwait Alyawm” gazette. The regulations include measures to restrict employment in security agencies and jobs to citizens only, as well as the introduction of a point system for expatriate workers regarding violations of laws and regulations.

The regulations also call for the determination of appropriate nationalities of workers based on the numbers of expat workers when issuing decisions related to the implementation of the law, and the classification of workers based on factors such as education and age, as well as the labor market’s need for specific professions occupied by expatriate workers.

The regulations aim to stop recruitment in certain sectors, expand the recruitment of national workers, link education outputs to the requirements of the labor market, and coordinate between government agencies related to demographics, reports Al Rai. The government also seeks to attract skilled expatriate workers through professional tests, as well as increase the percentage of national workers employed in government contracts.

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