Kuwait's 'Sahel' App Set To Launch English Version Soon


The "Sahel" app, serving as Kuwait's unified platform for government transactions, is gearing up to unveil its long-awaited English version. According to a report by local media outlet 'Kuwait Times,' the official spokesperson for the 'Sahel' app, Yousef Kazem, affirmed ongoing efforts to introduce this crucial update.

Initially launched as an Arabic-only application, 'Sahel' aimed to streamline government transactions for citizens and residents. However, the absence of English support posed a significant barrier for non-Arabic speakers, limiting their access to essential services through the platform.

Recognizing the need for inclusivity, Kazem emphasized, "We are certain that there is a large segment of society, especially non-Arabic speakers, who need to easily access the e-services directly through the application." He reiterated the commitment to address these concerns by integrating an English version in forthcoming updates.

Despite the assurance of improved accessibility, a specific launch date for the English version was not disclosed.

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