Kuwait Launched A Comprehensive Plan For National Day Celebrations


The Kuwait Municipality has unveiled a comprehensive field plan in preparation for the upcoming 63rd National Day and the 33rd anniversary of Liberation Day. In an official statement released today, Sunday, the municipality outlined its strategy to ensure cleanliness and orderliness during the national holiday celebrations.

According to the municipality, the field plan encompasses the deployment of machinery and cleaning workers to various locations and streets expected to host festivities marking national occasions. The initiative commenced today and will continue throughout February.

Key components of the plan include the removal of any unauthorized activities taking place on state property and strict enforcement of licensing regulations for event organizers. The municipality emphasized that supervisory authorities will conduct intensified inspection campaigns to monitor street vendors and ensure compliance with regulations.

Violations will be promptly addressed, and legal actions will be taken against offenders to uphold the cleanliness and integrity of public spaces, streets, and squares. The municipality underscored the importance of collective responsibility in maintaining a clean environment during national celebrations and urged the public to refrain from engaging in activities that may tarnish the festivities.

Highlighting ongoing efforts, the hygiene management team in Hawalli Governorate has initiated a field campaign to prepare coastal areas at popular beach destinations such as Al Blajat, Marina Mall, and Green Island. As part of the campaign, public facilities have been cleaned, and containers have been distributed to accommodate waste generated during the celebrations.

Today’s campaign yielded significant results, with public spaces, coastal areas, and designated celebration venues receiving thorough cleaning. Additionally, the municipality deployed a substantial workforce, including cleaners, sweepers, and lorries, along with the provision of waste containers at strategic locations to ensure effective waste management and maintain cleanliness standards during the festivities.


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