ICSK [Senior] Contrives an Orientation Programme for Class 12

ICSK [Senior] Contrives an Orientation Programme for Class 12


The quickest way for a parent to get a child’s attention is to sit down and look comfortable…….

The Indian Community School Senior premises surged with the impassioned pupils of class 12 on 31st March 2019, who entered in to explore the new challenges of their life with loads of anticipation in their eyes.

The ICSK Senior, devised an orientation programme for the parents and the tutees of Class 12. As it is known to all that the idea behind this programme was to help partner with the parents who along with the management, staff and students are important stake –holders in the pursuit of imparting holistic education to our students.

The programme in its vibrancy was attended by over hundreds of parents with their wards, the Principal of ICSK – Dr. V. Binumon, Vice Principal- Dr. Sam T. Kuruvilla,Deputy Vice Principal – Mrs. Susan Rajesh, Academic supervisor, the class teachers, subject teachers of class 12.

The programme commenced with a silent prayer to make the day auspicious as prayer is the key of morning and the bolt of the evening. The crowd was extended a warm welcome by the Vice Principal of the school, Dr. Sam T Kuruvilla. His words of wisdom enlightened the students more about education.

A brief introduction of the class teachers, subject teachers and Head of the departments was given in the “Know Your Teacher” session.

The devout Principal of the school Dr. V. Binumon civilized the pupils and their parents about how to approach studies with a positive attitude and how to inculcate alacrity in one’s life. This benevolent advice by the Principal drove the children towards compliance.

The parents were briefed about the entire year plan of the examinations. The Principal-  Dr. V. Binumon gave a lot of pointers on studies and guidelines about effective parenting. An overview of the various streams of main subjects and all the 6th option subjects was also given. The Principal instructed the students to stay away from negative aspects of life like pessimism and procrastination. He further added that its beneficial to find strategies to avoid them, such as the ‘ Eat the Big Frog First” mantra and learning to see the glass as half full with a gratitude practice. The pivotal agenda of the programme was to instill in the children with the values of discipline, value of being proactive and also the importance of education in their lives.

The programme was a sincere effort to make the children realize that the keyword to success is hard work. The programme came to an end with the vote of thanks by the Deputy Vice Principal Mrs. Susan Rajesh.



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