ICSK [Senior] Creates Awareness on Environment

ICSK [Senior] Creates Awareness on Environment

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It is our collective and individual responsibility…to preserve and tend to the world in which we all live.

The Indian Community School Senior, arranged an awareness programme on Environment Protection for its students on 1st April 2019, in the school auditorium to instill the quality of valuing the natural resources in the students and respect Mother Nature.

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The awareness programme was presented by Mr. John Thomas, a personality of great eminence. The Principal of ICSK Senior, Dr. V Binumon received Mr. John Thomas with open arms and expressed his felicity of having Mr. John for the programme.

Mr.John is deputed as the Senior OHS Engineer at ABB Engineering Co. Kuwait. With a motive of spreading consciousness on the graveness of Environment pollution and its protection, he threw light upon the consequences of pollution like, global warming, unexpected climatic changes, depletion of natural resources, species depletion and various other adverse effects leading to a lowered sustainability of life on Earth. He also emphasized on the use of bio-degradable products. The major slides that were displayed to the students during his presentation were on ‘Pollution, Pollutants, Types of pollution comprising of air, water and land, slides on reduce, re-use and recycling of waste products. Various images of flora and fauna affected by pollution were also displayed for further knowledge.

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A question answer session was opened to the students so that all their queries on environment pollution and its protection could be cleared. Their queries were attended to and the students were left contented.

The programme ended on a good note by raising the awareness about the urgent necessity to take adequate measures for finding a solution for the human induced environment pollution. The Deputy Vice Principal, Mrs. Susan Rajesh presented Mr. John with a memento as a token of appreciation. Mrs. Sandhya Menon delivered the vote of thanks.

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