Sunshine 2019,ICSK Summer Camp 2 Culminates Successfully

Sunshine 2019,ICSK summer camp 2 culminates successfully

“With ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable”

IMG 0137A unifying event, Sunshine 2019-ICSK summer camp commenced its second session on July 3rd2019 as mainly a fun way of learning for the children where different methods were adopted to improve the learning levels of students.

 ICSK has taken an initiative in this direction by organizing the summer camp which included various creative and artistic activities. The last day of Sunshine 2019 summer camp 2 was August 1, 2019 and it gave the students a wonderful opportunity to exhibit their innate talents through their scintillating performances.

The day started with welcoming the Chief Guest Mr. Ravi Ayanoli, Vice Principal, ICSK Khaitan, and Guest of Honour Mr. Deepak Seth, HR and administrative officer, ICSK. The programme began with verses from the Holy Quran followed by the camp prayer sung by the camp choir.

Mrs. Rajam, Camp coordinator of the ICSK Summer camp wholeheartedly greeted the audience. During her address she highlighted that it is with the grace of the Almighty, the ICSK management, their mentor Dr. V. Binumon, Senior Administrator & Principal ICSK Senior and parents whose support that was helpful in making the camp a successful one.

The vibrant tiny tots of pre-primary touched everyone’s heart deeply with their flawless performance on western tunes. The camp orchestra group also enthralled the hearts of the audience with the outstanding song Phoolkataaronka.

Yoga postures and asanas were demonstrated by the campers to attain complete self-realization. Radical Karate moves made the children energetic. The students enchanted everyone present with a brilliant Zumba performance in different styles. Camp experiences were shared with the audience by two children and they recounted the wonderful time spent by them during Sunshine 2019.

The Chief Guest of the day Mr. Ravi motivated the parents and gave valuable feedback to everyone and also commented on the necessity of having a third session.

Mrs. Shubashini, camp teacher of the sunshine 2019, proposed the vote of thanks. A Camp group photograph was taken to make the ICSK summer camp a more memorable one.   

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