FAIPS - DPS participated at the Harvard Model United Nations


IFL Kuwait job news

A strong team of 30 delegates from FAIPS - DPS, Kuwait participated at the Harvard Model United Nations (HMUN- 2019) held at Hyderabad from Aug 15th to Aug 19th 2019.

IFL Kuwait job news
The four-day conference saw the participation of delegates from over 1800 students from around 188 schools all over the globe, who engaged in multiple rounds of speeches, debates, negotiations and discussions before coming up with resolutions to solve pressing issues in the present world.

IFL Kuwait job news
The scintillating performances by Sanjana Ravindranath and Katari Prajeeth captured the hearts of the delegates at HMUN India’s Got Talent night.
Rohan Raju of class X won the Honorable Mention award for representing Portugal in the DISEC committee.
Another feather in the cap for FAIPS – DPS was that Ruth Rachel Zachariah of class XII was selected by HMUN secretariat as an Assistant Director for the Historical North Atlantic Treaty Organization (HNATO) Committee. This is the first time a student from Kuwait schools was selected for this post.

IFL Kuwait job news
All the delegates from FAIPS-DPS testified that HMUN 2019 was a powerful and transformative activity that would help them grow into global leaders with the ability to see different points of view.

IFL Kuwait job news
The school management, teachers and students of FAIPS congratulated all the winners and participants. FAIPS has an active MUN club and hosts their own MUN conference every year.



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