Bhavans SIS’ KG reaches stars on Sports Day

Bhavans SIS’ KG reaches stars on Sports Day

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‘Winning is not everything, but making an effort to win is everything’, proved the smart kids of Kindergarten Wing of Bhavans Smart Indian school who participated in the Sports day, a yet another stupendous event in the school premises, on 12th December, 2019.

The toddlers of Pre-Kg, LKG and UKG were given the title of Little Champs, Little stars and Super stars for their stunning performances in the field. The participants performed even better when they received cheering from their class teachers and friends for their performances. The column of games were conducted and to name a few out of them: frog race, inverting the cup race, hoop and ball game, hurdles, running race, hopping race and many other relay races. The KG Supervisor along with the class teachers and their peers lauded the winners. The students received medals and certificates by the Principal and this gesture of encouragement marked the end of the Sports day. The little champions proudly hung the medals around their necks throughout the day and rejoiced over the amassed victory.

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