‘’Together, we have the power to protect the ocean’’. 

‘’Together, we have the power to protect the ocean’’. 

Image 1 1World oceans day reminds every one of the oceans’ roles in everyday life.  

Protecting the ocean to protect our future was the aim behind celebrating ‘Ocean Day’ on 5th January in the kindergarten wing of Bhavans Smart Indian School and Jack and Jill Pre-school. Children were asked to come in blue dress, and videos of the vast underwater world were shown. Children were very much excited to see the beauty and wonders of nature under water. But they were horrified to find the many negative impacts caused by humans on the ocean. The main aim was to motivate children not to throw plastic wrappers and bottles around the sea and take care of its cleanliness. 

Children were then given activities like colouring and decorating with sequences on different sea animals like starfish, seahorses, jellyfish etc. 

At the end of the day, the children were excited to put their beautiful artwork on the bulletin boards to create a huge 2-dimensional aquarium. Bhavans SIS and Bhavans JnJ have always strived to inculcate values to make our children responsible global citizens, and this time too, we were successful in imbibing in children that together, we can protect and restore our ocean.  

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