90 and above in class 12

“Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise”. The indefatigable students of class 12 rhapsodized as the results of Class 12 CBSE Board Exams were declared on 12th May 2023. Propitiously, the perseverance of the students and teachers has marked this year to be a momentous as all the students gleamed with a great triumph. 69 students from the Science and Commerce Stream had appeared for the exams and gratified the entire institution by producing 100% splendid results without any failure or compartment.

The triumph of toil today bears testimony to the fact that the students are fiercely committed to pursue excellence in all the streams.

In the Commerce stream, Aneesha Mukkara aced the chart by scoring 96.8%. Close behind her, the second topper, Alqama Faiz secured 96%, Rohan Sandheep and Abdullah Faiz with 94.4% attained the third position.

In the Science stream, Malav Mehulkumar Solanki topped the chart with 94.8%, followed by Dimple K Mathew and Maryam Abdul Rehman with 94.6% attained second position and Joel Mathew varghese with 94% attained third position.

The subject toppers : Aneesha Mukkara and Alqama Faiz (English -97%), Joel Mathew Varghese , Joel Joseph Mathews and Dimple K Mathew (Physics- 95%), Joel Joseph Mathew (Chemistry – 98%), Nidhi Ann Jai (Biology – 95%), Malav Mehulkumar Solanki (Computer Science – 98%), Rohan Sandheep (Mathematics – 90% ), Dimple K Mathew , Tasnim Azuddin (Informatics Practices – 99%) , Rohan Sandheep, Aneesha Mukkara, Sukhmani Kour (Accountancy- 95%),  Aneesha Mukkara (Business Studies- 97%), Maryam Abdul Rehman (Economics- 97%), Aneesha Mukkara, Alqama Faiz (Physical Education – 97%) , Devapriya Daniya, Anakha D Dev, MAlav Mehulkumar Solanki, Danish Labib Fakih, Hannah Mariya Abraham (Painting -100%), Shafiya Faheema ( Artificial Intelligence – 100%), Rohan Sandheep ( Financial Market Management – 96%) , Devapriya Daniya, Shafiya Faheem (History- 89%) , Devapriya Daniya (Political science- 83%) , Rohan Sandheep (Entreprenureship- 95%) annexed eminence to the list.

20 studnets out of 69 students got above 90% marks. 51 students out of 69 who appeared in  All India SeniorSchool certificate examination got 75% and above in aggregate.

The Principals of ILOA, Mrs. Asha Sharma and Mr. Arul Dharmaraj eulogized the whiz kids on their prodigious performance and also emblazoned the  students with the phrase, “In this contemporary world where cut throat competition has become a part and parcel of life, it is of supreme importance to be competent enough to stand tall amongst others with extraordinary skills and to come out victorious from the realms of this challenging labyrinth.”



Indian Learners' Own Academy has been relentlessly exemplified by achieving the stupendous results in class 10 CBSE Board Examination, which was published on May 12, 2023.The school fraternity is pleased to announce the results of 296 students who have triumphantly posted cent percent victory without any compartment or fail. Earning 100% remarkable milestone fulfilled their treasured career aspirations are being gleefully feted by the school amalgamation.

The top-scoring students at school were Aldrin Augustine George and Anand Krishna Parakkankandi, who secured a staggering score of 97.4%. Johan John Binson and Inaaya Sajid Mahammad with 96.8% and 96.6% respectively, were placed in the second and third positions. An incredible aggregate score of 95% and above by 21 students with their enormous magnitude of diligence and dedication proves the incredible paramountcy of ILOA in the path of education. Kevin Prabash with 96.20%, Jane Jobby Mangalathu with 96.00%, Joeliyn Calista Jerald Seasor with 96.00%, Jewel Maisie with 96.00%, Neerajkrishna T Ramaswamy with 95.60%, Deksha Thachutharayil Retheesh with 95.60%, Sara Abolghasemi with 95.60%, Mohammad Yusuf Khan with 95.60%, Johana Ann Jacob with 95.60%, Zainab Taher Sayed with 95.40%, Nissy Sara Saji with 95.40%, Meenakshi Nambiar Kookal with 95.20%, Joel Sobi Thomas with 95%, Meenakshi Kochupurackal Sreekanth with 95%, Akhila Rose Paul with 95%, Sanjeevani Rai with 95%, and Gouri Sunil with 95% are the students who have put forth an endeavour to elevate the reputation of their alma mater by excelling in their respective fields.

81 students got 90% and above marks. 221 students out of 296 students got 75% and above marks in aggregate.


Casiphia Sam Pragash with 99% in English, Zaheer Ahmed Chachuliya and Anand Krishna Parakkankandi with 95% in Hindi, Aldrin Augustine George  and Diya Anna Sunil with 98% in French, Sanjeevani Rai with 97% in Mathematics Basic, Mohammad Yusuf Khan with 100% in Mathematics Standard, Zainab Taher Sayed with 98% in Science, GouriSunil with 100% in Social Science, Angel Maria Biju, Inaaya Sajid Mahammad, Taniya Terry Thomas, Joachim Thomas Kannangattil, Archa Saju, Ramada Shareef, Shreya Kidangappilly, Silvan Miracle, Diya Anna Sunil, Melvina Yousuf, Anand Krishna Parakkankandi, Richa Rajeshkumar Jagani, Nissy Sara Saji, Joann Thomas Saju, Johana Ann Jacob, Haifa Shaza Afthak with 100% in Information Technology, Gouri Sunil with 100% in Introduction to Financial Markets Management, Fathima Riza Shajahan, Chris Geo Biju, Akshay Biju, Abel Varghese, Abdeali Mustansir, Natasha Maria Rogy, Johan John Binson, Fayha Siddiqi, Christina Joy, Sara Abolghasemi, Joeliyn Calista Jerald Seasor, Mohammad Yusuf Khan with 100% in Artificial Intelligence added glory to the list.

In the ensuing years, the students of ILOA are aspired to re-enact their prosperous story in a more clear-cut and tangible way. A momentary glance at the outcome, highlights the student’s and teacher’s incredible tenacity, perseverance, and diligence in thriving in spite of all the hazards. The Principals of ILOA, Mrs. Asha Sharma and Mr. Arul Dharmaraj felicitated all the diligent pupils of 10th grade and remarked that it was the interminable efforts of students and teachers which culminated into such an overwhelming success.

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