Bhavans Kuwait Celebrates its Founder’s Day 

Bhavans Kuwait Celebrates its Founder’s Day 

 8CH0007Bhavans Kuwait fraternity converged, on the evening of September 8, 2023, for a grand Founder’s Day celebration at Smart Indian School Auditorium. Mr. N K Ramchandran Menon, the Chairman and Founder of Bhavans Middle East, was the Chief Guest of the occasion. This event marked as a remarkable tribute to honour the enduring legacy and outstanding achievements of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Middle East. 

This year, Founder’s Day proved to be a ‘double delight’ for Bhavans Kuwait fraternity as it coincided with the birthday of our dynamic Vice Chairman, CA Sooraj Ramachandran. The festivities of the day commenced with the cake-cutting ceremony celebrating the birthday of the Chairman and the Vice Chairman of Bhavans Middle East. This joyful moment was graced by the Chairman and Founder, Mr. N K Ramachandran Menon, along with his better half Madam Sudha Ramachandran, Director of Bhavans Middle East, C A Divya Rajesh Ramachandran, Mr. Madhav Rajesh Ramachandran, Mr. Advaith Rajesh Ramachandran, Ms. Janvi Rajesh Ramachandran, and the principals of Bhavans Kuwait.  

The program began with the rendition of the national anthem of Kuwait, followed by school prayer and Bhavans anthem. The ceremonial lighting of the lamp by dignitaries, Mr. N K Ramachandran Menon, Madam Sudha Ramachandran, and Ms. Divya Rajesh Ramachandran, along with the school principals, added a touch of serenity and veneration to the occasion. 

The welcome address was delivered by Ms. Radhika S, a faculty member from the Department of English. The event continued with a captivating video presentation titled "The Legendary Bhavans," which unveiled the rich history, outstanding accomplishments, and enduring values that define Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Middle East. An invocation dance performed by the teachers of Smart Indian School added a divine touch to the evening. Following this, Chairman Mr. N K Ramachandran Menon addressed the gathering, reflecting on the journey of Bhavans Kuwait from its inception to the present day. He embarked on this venture with a vision to launch an innovative school that could inculcate Indian values and culture within the global perspective. He added, despite COVID-related disruptions, Bhavans has thrived for 17 years, establishing 10 schools in the Middle East, including the Cambridge wing. He also announced that two more schools under the umbrella of Bhavans Middle East will come up soon. He extended his gratitude to parents and teachers for their invaluable support in the institution's growth. In a significant announcement, he introduced his grandson, Mr. Madhav Rajesh Ramachandran and revealed that Mr. Madhav would become one of the youngest directors of Bhavans Middle East stationed in Kuwait, marking a momentous milestone for the organization. 

After the chairman’s address, Principal of IES, Mr. T Premkumar, honoured him with a 'Ponnadai' (traditional silk shawl). Mr. Madhav Rajesh Ramachandran, newly appointed as one of the directors of Bhavans Middle East, was adorned with a similar honour by Mr. Mahesh Iyer, Principal of SIS. Additionally, a stunning artwork created by a talented artist from IES, Reanna Samuel, was presented to the chairman as a token of affection. The Bhavans Kuwait team also paid tribute to the Founder-Chairman by presenting him with a memento displaying the map of Middle East with all his ten schools depicted on it. 

CA Divya Rajesh Ramachandran during her address gave a bio sketch of Mr. Madhav Rajesh Ramachandran to acquaint the audience with the new director’s unique qualities, educational background, and aspirations. She concluded her speech by inviting Mr. Madhav Rajesh Ramachandran for his acceptance and commitment speech. Mr. Madhav provided his valuable insights into the future vision of Bhavans Kuwait and accepted the position bestowed on him with reverence. With utmost humility and palpable devotion, the young leader promised to uphold the values and ethos that define Bhavans and beseeched all the stakeholders to support him in his noble trajectory.  

Reflections by Ms. Deepashree Pradeep, Head of the Department of Chemistry IES, and Ms Rekha Jaipal, KG Supervisor of SIS, highlighted the profound impact the Bhavans has had on their career and personal growth. Ms. Dona Chandra, mother of Aravind Abhilash from Grade 11 at SIS, and Mr. Sriram, father of Ananya Sriram, an IES alumna of 2021-22 batch, expressed their thoughts and reflections on their children's educational journey and their experiences as parents within the Bhavans family.  

The ceremony also recognized the academic excellence of Nakshatra Neeraja Binu of IES, who emerged as the school topper and f the country topper. Additionally, Fida Ancy of IES was acknowledged for receiving the Gold Medal in the National Mathematics Olympiad. They were also awarded for securing centum in English.  

Staff members were acknowledged for their meritorious service on the occasion.  Mementos were presented to the teachers who completed 5, 10, and 15 year service in the school. Teachers of laudable students who scored centum in various subjects in the CBSE examinations were also honoured with mementos. Certificates were given away to teachers for 100% attendance. Class coordinators of the academic year 2022-’23 were also acknowledged with certificates during the ceremony.    

The evening displayed the artistic talents of Bhavans staff in all spheres. Prince Michael a member of the Department of Art, SIS presented a thread art portrait of Mr. N K Ramachandran Menon, skilfully crafted by him. Furthermore, an on-the-spot sand art, by Mr. Sunimon accompanied by musical renditions of Mr. Mahesh Iyer, Principal of Smart Indian School, and Mr. Prince was commendable. 

The school band presented a medley and set the tempo for the cultural program 'RANGMANCH,' an entertaining and spectacular showcase of music, dance, thrills, and skills, that was dedicated to the multifaceted personality – Founder and Chairman, Mr N K Ramachandran Menon. The show began with a scintillating welcome dance, ‘Pranavalaya’ performed by the dance teachers and students of IES. ‘Rangmanch’ expertly directed by Mr. Prasanthan, the Head of the Department of Art and his team, captivated the audience throughout the evening. The entire event was coordinated by the vice principals of Bhavans Kuwait, Ms Meenakshi Nayyar, Ms Albin Daisy, Mr Binoy Mathew, Ms Bhavitha Bright and headmistress Ms Muneera Mammikutty. The vote of thanks was delivered by Ms. Jija Sreeni, a faculty member of the Department of Dance, while the event was emceed by Pinky Abraham, Betina Prasad, Minu Crasto, and Sugeeti Gupta faculty members of Kindergarten Wing, IES.  The event came to a close with the rendering of the Indian National Anthem, marking the end of a memorable Founder’s Day celebration filled with reflection, gratitude, and aspirations for the future.  

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