453A7851Good oral health is essential for children from an early age as it is linked to living longer, better overall wellness and greater confidence. To sensitize the children in this regard, a session of ‘Meet the Expert’ was held at IES, Bhavans Kuwait on the topic, “Healthy Teeth for a Beautiful Smile”.   The program was held on November 8, 2023. All the students of grade 4 attended the session. The program was well organized by the Primary Science Department under the able guidance of Ms. Ninu Sreekumar (HOD Science, Primary Section).  Blossom of grade 4A Nitika Jibu, welcomed the gathering with bouquet of cordiality and anchored the program.  

Dr. Natasha, a pedodontist, from New Mowasat Hospital, Kuwait was the resource person for the session. She was accompanied by Mr. Essam from the Marketing Department of New Mowasat Hospital.  Established over half a century ago, New Mowasat Hospital pioneered as the first private healthcare provider in Kuwait. The hospital is the first healthcare facility in Kuwait to be accredited by the Accreditation Canada International (ACI) and the Joint Commission International Accreditation (JCIA). With more than forty years of leadership in the healthcare business in Kuwait, New Mowasat Hospital continues to expand and improve on its range of medical services to better serve the local and residential citizens alike. We were indeed privileged to have guests from an organization of such repute to conduct a session for our children.  

Dr. Natasha touched upon the key points of oral hygiene, teeth structure, dental diseases, and healthy diet. The pedodontist demonstrated ideal brushing techniques, flossing, and gum massaging. She also spoke to the children about the importance of regular dental check-up. While speaking about adopting a healthy diet for healthy teeth, she advised the children to avoid sugary food and aerated drinks as far as possible. Her well-organized presentation, impeccable communication skills and child friendly approach kept the children spell bound throughout the session.  

After the presentation, a question-answer session was held. Children asked relevant and thought-provoking questions. Dr. Natasha cleared all the doubts lingering in the minds of the children very patiently.  The guests were impressed by the confidence of the children and the responses they received from them.  

Principal, Mr. T, Premkumar, in his closing thought, asked the children to apply the learnings from the session in their daily lives. He extended his heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Natasha for the valuable session and presented tokens of appreciation to the guests. He also thanked the HOD, Ms. Ninu Sreekumar and the science teachers for the meticulous planning and execution of the program. He instructed the teachers to give a follow-up worksheet to the children based on  the workshop to test their understanding. Headmistress, Ms. Muneera Mammikutty, thanked Dr. Natasha for the informative session and appreciated her noble endeavor.   

The session ended with the vote of thanks proposed by the Deputy Prime Minister of the student council, Aliza Shaikh of grade 4A. 

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