Vikram Sarabhai 100th Birth Anniversary Celebration 2023- Science Quiz

Vikram Sarabhai 100th Birth Anniversary Celebration 2023-  Science Quiz 

A person who has imbibed the ways of science injects into a situation a new way of looking at it, hopefully perhaps a degree of enlightenment with regard to the approach to problems, and this provides leadership which is very valuable.” -Vikram Sarabhai 


453A7885To celebrate the birthday of The Father of the Indian Space Program, Indian Educational School Kuwait, the colossal lighthouse of knowledge that it is, held the Vikram Sarabhai 100th Birth Anniversary Celebration 2023- Science quiz on Thursday November 9, 2023. What set this quiz apart from the rest was that it was organized by the student council, the first of its kind in the legacy of quiz competitions in Bhavans Kuwait.  The event, held at IES auditorium, featured seven teams consisting of 19 quizzers from grades 7, 8 and 9. The teams had aced the preliminary round to earn their spot in this challenging competition.  

The program commenced at 10.45 a.m. with Vice President Thrishanth Arunan extending a warm welcome to the audience. He introduced the quizmaster, Senior Vice President Fida Ancy, an exemplary leader and passionate quizzer with a number of accolades to her name. The palpable excitement electrified the air as the teams eagerly awaited the challenging questions that lay ahead. Fida proceeded to explain the rules and commenced the quiz, which consisted of 4 rounds of mind-boggling questions on anything and everything about space and astronomy. She expertly engaged the quizzers and fired off questions at them that they masterfully tackled. The students lit up the stage with their fiery passion for space and kept the viewers on the edge of their seats, demonstrating their immense knowledge, resilience and confidence. After an incredible battle of brains, the team consisting of Dhwani Santhi Nair(7D), Reine Mary John(9D) and Aadhil Abraham Reji(9D) emerged victorious with 550 points. The team of Aditya Arun Kartha(9G) and Vedshri Pankaj(9G) were the First Runners Up with 450 points and the team consisting of Anayaa(7B), Sukruti K Gowda(8B) and Hannah Theresa Seju(9B) were the Second Runners Up with 350 points.  The results were declared by Vice Principal of the Senior Wing Ms. Meenakshi Nayyar.  

The Student Parliament members of Bhavans Kuwait consisting of Senior Vice president Fida Ancy, Vice president Thrishanth Arunan, Minister of Education Nakshatra Neeraja and Minister of Information Daniella Becca had expertly handled every aspect of this quiz. From compiling the questions that got the quizzers’ thinking, to creating the beautiful presentation and tallying the scores, they were the wheels that propelled this event into success.  

The prize winners were lauded and awarded certificates of achievement prepared by Minister of Information Daniella Becca and Tapas House Captain Ashna Rose. The Principal of IES Kuwait Mr. T Premkumar personally congratulated the winners and gifted tokens of appreciation to the students in audience who answered enthusiastically in audience round. He also addressed the gathering and encouraged each one to never give up their quest for knowledge.  

The science department of IES Kuwait has yet again proven their dedication to ignite and promote the scientific temper among the students and bring out budding scientists, astronauts and researchers with such wonderful opportunities to shine. Beyond the thrill of competition, the Vikram Sarabhai 100th Birth Anniversary Celebration Science Quiz served as an educational platform, encouraging students to delve deeper into the wonders of astronomy and sparked a profound fascination for the universe that will remain etched in their memories forever.

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