IES Empowers Students with "Respecting Boundaries - Offline and Online" Session 

IES Empowers Students with "Respecting Boundaries - Offline and Online" Session 

DSC08018In a dedicated effort to equip students with the necessary knowledge and awareness about the challenges and consequences of both offline and online connections, Indian Educational School hosted an enlightening session titled "Respecting Boundaries - Offline and Online." The comprehensive session spanned a week and targeted students from Grades 7 to 12 under the auspices of the Department of Counselling. 

Led by the school counsellor, Ms. Preethi K Nair, and Grade 12 coordinator, Ms. Aliuska Lawrence, the informative session aimed to instill a deep understanding of personal boundaries and the critical importance of respecting them in fostering healthy relationships. Ms. Preethi delved into various aspects of personal boundaries, emphasizing the significance of proxemics, which encompasses intimate space, personal space, social and public space. Students were guided on recognizing and setting limits to prevent encroachment without consent. The session stressed the importance of self-reflection, awareness of personal needs, and understanding the impact of one's actions on relationships. 

Furthermore, students were sensitized to the potential consequences of digital footprints, cautioned against succumbing to peer pressure, and educated on maintaining safety and well-being in various life situations. Ms. Preethi underscored the potential impact of online actions on offline reputations, discussing issues such as posting pictures, inappropriate content, and the creation of fake identities leading to damaged relationships. 

Addressing the prevalent concerns of online and offline harassment, Ms. Preethi elucidated the elements of power imbalance, repetition, and deliberate behavior. Students were made aware of cyber laws and encouraged to stand up for themselves against bullying and peer pressure, safeguarding their mental health. 

Ms. Aliuska Lawrence provided valuable insights into the importance of self-preservation, shedding light on terms such as predator, prey, and grooming in the context of online media. Through the use of screenshots and illustrations, she detailed the types of predators and potential abuses, emphasizing the vulnerability of both boys and girls. The intricacies of grooming were explained, highlighting the predator's tactics to manipulate and abuse. 

In her remarks, Ms. Meenakshi Nayyar, Vice Principal Senior Wing, emphasized the significance of students understanding their own identity without succumbing to peer pressure. The session, rich in information and shared experiences, was met with enthusiasm and gratitude from the students. They acknowledged the gratitude for providing them with the resources to be self-aware and mindful of their relationships, enabling them to maintain effective personal boundaries. The school's commitment to holistic education was evident in this proactive initiative to prepare students for the challenges of the digital age. 

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